How About Investing in US

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Hey Everyone,

What do readers know about investing in the US?
Have you tried it?
Is it worth it?
Where do you start?
All I know is George Soros recently said there would be a major downturn in the housing market next year. He's one of the richest guys around so he should know what he's talking about.


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Hello rafael,

I agree 100% with bardon. You simply don?t need to buy retail in the USA. I am currently purchasing over there myself and yes it is worth it providing you focus on the wholesale deals. My advice would be to study the market before jumping in. As far as the downturn next year, this is probably correct for certain parts of the USA. The reason I say this is because the forecasts for San Antonio Texas is quite the opposite with strong capital growth predicted. I am certainly no expert on the USA market on a whole, but I'm very confident that you can still do very well in Texas.
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