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How about Ajman

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Roshan, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Ajman was not in the news a few years back but now stands out as a place to contend with.

    I could be wromg but there could be a situation that this place will be what Dubai was when it all started.

    Positives : Prices are comparitively low. The Govt is bringing in laws like what we have in Dubai.

    Negatives : Lack of good developers. Poor payment plans to support the investor.

    In time to come, I feel that the people who cannot afford living in Dubai would get into Ajman, since Sharjah does not have freeholds as yet.

    It would be good to discuss the pros and cons in this emirate.


  2. alexft

    alexft New Member

    Hi folks,

    Ajman 1 seems like a nice development in the area. Payment plan if I am right was 30% before completion.

    More recent news

    MENA English

    Financial Times



    ITMASTER New Member

    Please who is familirar with Fortune Residency Tower in Emirates city is this good project to buy and which state is construction? Please give your opinions
  4. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Is it Chapal residency tower ??. Can you give us more details on the developer.


  5. alexft

    alexft New Member


    Fortune Residency - an exclusive tower in the Paradise Lakes district of Emirates City, a residential and commercial town-sized devwas.

    Developer - Fortune Homes Real Estate

    Launch date - September 17, 2006

    Is it a good project? Depends on the current price and a payment plan.

    Detailed information can be provided to interested parties.


  6. mpat

    mpat New Member

    About Ajman

    Positive : Less price .

    Negative : unknown developers , master developer also non responsive ( R holding )
    Negative : Location does not have more than one or two main roads to reach to the dubai and Jebel ali.( where most of the movement is )
    Negative : Road and other utilities are not existent, Ajman was in water till 10 days after the heavy down pour in January in UAE.
    Negative : Competition from Dubai projects will not let their price to appreciate much ( You have ICs which are cheaper and are going to be cheaper once supply meets demands in another 5 years time )
    Above are my views and I might be wrong in it.I just gave my openion.
    Thanks and regards
  7. alexft

    alexft New Member

    Dear Mpat,

    Two main roads in not enough in your opinion? How heavy is traffic on these roads?
    are you referring to roads inside emirate? What about Ajman sewerage company and its plant? That sound like good piece of infrastructure to me.

    What are other cheaper Ics? Can you provide more details please.

    Unknow developers? You mean in terms of delivery and quality?

    For example Ajman 1 developer Aqaar - semi-governmental company in association with Ajman Development and Investment Authority (AIDA).

    Company CEO is His Highness Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman.

    As to quality of apartments I have not got time to check it yet, maybe some other members can contribute this information.



    ITMASTER New Member

    Dear Alexft check your PM box.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2008
  9. alexft

    alexft New Member

    Dear Itmaster,

    I will reply once I finish eating :D


  10. Roshan

    Roshan New Member


    I agree with you when you say infra stucture. The roads might not support the development. As you said the rain had it's effects around the emirate. Sometime back they had a problem with quality of water, they must have eliminated that problem, I do not know.

    Ajman would be a solace for people who cannot afford to stay in Dubai. Now one needs to analyse the segment he is going to service. A landlord in such circumstances would be catering to tenants who would not be cash rich and will be working on budgets.

    Prominent developers are not there. Chapal is coming up with a villa project which will be launched in the next one month or so.

    I still feel that a 15% appreciation per year is possible considering the prices have just started. Investing at the beginning of a cycle in an emerging market has it's advantages.
  11. alexft

    alexft New Member

    Great discussion,

    No serious developers. Hmm. What about Ajman Marina lauched by Tanmiyat using master developers like HOK?


  12. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Tanmiyat has not delivered so far. They are a big Saudi group, they do not have bank finance on their Dubai projects, atleast didn't have a year ago.

    When a bank finances a project. 90% of your research is done as the bank does the dirty work of scrtunizing the profile of the developer.

    Oh yes, I would put them in the big developer league.


  13. inazir0308

    inazir0308 New Member

    What you think about ETA Gold Crest Dreams 3.

    I am a resident of US and do not know much about Dubai or Ajman. I was offered to buy two condos at Gold Crest Dreams 3 for 500 AED per square foot.
    My question is how can I compare prices while sitting in the US. What is average per square foot is Emirates City for a builder like ETA. Is 500 AED is a good price. I received an email from the builder which states price is now 550 AED per square foot. How can I confirm these prices. How much rent I can get on these properties.

    Thanks for your help.
  14. alexft

    alexft New Member


    Quick reply here,

    Property price depends on location, facilities, interior finish, etc. If developer said to you it`s 550 that`s the price he is charging you. If you want to try to get good discount you can engage agent to negotiate on your behalf. Is it a good price? Seems like it but more research have to be done ideally before buying. ETA offered guaranteed 8% rental returns at the current value of the purchased property on the Goldcrest phase 2. Perhaps a similar deal can be arranged for the Gold Crest Dreams 3.


  15. alexft

    alexft New Member

    Further to add,

    Prices in near by areas.

    Ajyaal Residency 1 bed apartments on Emirates Highway - current asking price starts from 458 Aed per sq ft approx. Here is one example

    In the short term if investors who bought floors pre launch decide to sell you wont be able match their price. Medium term outlook - pending reasonable appreciation rate 15%-20%, plus the factors mentioned in previous post (facilities, etc) good return can be achieved. Feel free to comment.


  16. mpat

    mpat New Member

    will be a bit risky now , IF you want to make rental income and you have good money to invest , better to go for dubai, We dont know nothing about rentals after 2 years in Ajman ( and for that matters sharjah and dubai also , considering the factor that hundreads of projects will be handed over by then)
    ETA is a good developer , their project GD3 is gong at 500 AED right from beginning. and its fair price,They are offering latest technologically advanced features in the building for luxury of users.

    ITMASTER New Member

    What about Midex Real Estate group's Emirates Tower Is this good one.
    I had offer for 450AED and 3years payment plan 10% first installment then 10% on completion and other 80% divided 36months.
    What you think?
  18. pouranne

    pouranne New Member

    Can anyone knows about the attrium 360 degree, office & residantial ( Horizon tower) located @ itihad rd near carrefure supermarket?
    Whois the developper? adress?
    Many Thanks

  19. Frederick

    Frederick New Member

    Ajman as a second home.

    I have reached an age where I simply cannot continue to live 12 months of the year in the cold and dismal UK. I would like to get a studio or 1 bed off plan appt. in or near Ajman with a payment plan to allow me to pay over a period, preferably 5 to 6 years. Any suggestions ?
  20. coming_trump

    coming_trump New Member

    Has anybody heard of Green city Ajman?
    Its a good oppurunity too for investors as roshan said earlier that ajman is reaching the point where once dubai was, and its pretty clear that the prices being offered in ajman will rise in a short period of time which eventually will be a good fruit for investors in villa type accomodations like green city ajman. i have a slideshow of the project in details. let me know if anybody is interested, as i am associated with this DEVELOPER office.

    GCA is a prime and a mega project just next to Emirates City and opposite to Hamidiya Park , at only 20 minutes drive from dubai airport and 10 to sharjah.

    00971 50 3771871
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