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Are the coastal regions like Yangtse River Delta and Pearl River Delta in China still the hot regions for foreigners to invest in China's real estate. Which part of China will be among the next hot regions for real estate investment? Exchange your views here.
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Shenzhen maybe the answer

I believe Shenzhen city should be answer. It's in Pearl River Delta and very close to Hong Kong. The price of real estate in Shenzhen is raising rapidly (around 10%) every month, on the top of China.
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prosperous region in china

Next prosperous region is hainan island; with it natural resources, pur land and tropical climate, hainan is the chinese hawaii, especially sanya.
Sanya is China's premier sun resort, lying on the South coast of Hainan Island not far from Vietnam.
It's particularly attractive to Chinese holidaymakers as they do not need passports to get a decent beach and some tropical atmosphere - and for the most has been developed in a sympathetic and well - designed manner.
Without doubt the main reason to come here is a sunshine break, although growing opportunities for foreign travel and holiday service providers are rapidly developing also.
The beaches are long, and sandy, the only gripe is the water - due to China's geographical position it has a shallow continental shelf so the exotic corals and reef fish are not very prevalent here - it's not a good dive location. But for sun bathing and generally messing about - it's as good as any.


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What is the situation regarding multiple investments in China - are there still restrictions on the number of properties which can be purchased by a non chinese national?


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What is the situation regarding multiple investments in China - are there still restrictions on the number of properties which can be purchased by a non chinese national?
I have purchased multiple properties with no problems. The government is trying to cool the property market in Beijing, which is going up 'like a bottle rocket', but in lots of other parts of the country the property market is quite subdued. I think that it's not so much that one is banned from multiple purchase, but that banks are not supposed to lend on multiple properties, or at least the LTV for successive purchases has to come right down.

Don't forget that Macau and Hong Kong are both parts of China where there are effectively no restrictions on foreigners owning property at all, and where banks are more than happy to lend to foreigners, and there are no currency controls.

To answer the original question about hot property markets, well the likes of James Lang LaSalle, DTZ, CBRE, Savilles and other multinational property firms are constantly producing reports on the China property market. Personally I favour second and even third tier cities which are much less likely to be in a bubble right now, but I am not convinced that even BJ is really in a bubble because there are lots of jobs and lots of people want to live there. China has relatively few truly megacities, and it's pretty certain that BJ and Shanghai will continue to grow, and get wealthier for many decades.

Places like Qingdao, Huzhou, Suzhou, Tianjin, Wuxi, Dalian all have their enthusiasts. I am pretty sure that a property investment in any of them will produce a good return over a 10-year horizon.


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Beware when investing in Xiamen

I am speaking from experience. When purchasing commercial property, make sure it is not "enbloc" managed because despite legal protection, the xiamen municipal courts will just ignore it and take over your property under a "collective" management.


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Obviously Shanghai, but I've also heard that Guangzhou and Shenzhen could be good places to invest. Not sure how difficult it is to invest residentially as a foreigner.


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I think their best tourist spots could be among the hot regions for investments in China, since a lot of people are up to touring and going to places where they mostly enjoy the beauty of the place.