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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by bixmax, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. bixmax

    bixmax New Member

    Is anyone on this forum using homesdubai who are based in the uk as there agent?
    If so can you e-mail to me for more info?:confused:
  2. dubai_dubai

    dubai_dubai New Member

    My advice is, learn from the ones that already got their fingers burnt. These agents are just middlemen, who surprisingly don't know about the market they are delaing with (such as Dubai)! Can't provide you with regular updates about your developement. They are only interested in their commissions! Once they have. These people will lie to you till the cows came home.

    Golden Rule for future: CUT OUT AS MANY MIDDLEMEN AS YOU CAN!!
  3. dubai_dubai

    dubai_dubai New Member

    Forget to mention, This particular middleman agency is no better than most of them out there! Avoid at all costs, For anyone thinking of investing, visit the damn place first! Do as much research as you can and try to go direct to developer if you can.

    Good luck
  4. anil

    anil New Member

    Couldn't agree with you more.

    Having a UK address, a nice website and people available on the phone does not necessarily make any difference.

    This agent was even quoted in newspaper articles.

    it really is the wild wild west out there !
  5. sapna

    sapna New Member

    That's so true! I run my own property forums with a friend, and this poster just mentioned he got involved with a property association. He didn't visit the damn place n it turned out to be a total sh*t investment from the sense, it didn't live up to what the association members had said.

    ALWAYS VISIT THE SITE FIRST, and yes agreed go straight to the developers.

    ciao babes :D
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  6. alden

    alden New Member

    we are using homes dubai based in manchester, we are buying a studio in france and have paid approx third of the purchase cost, we signed our initial contract with them in may 06 and were told that the project would be completed by xmas 06.we have it very hard to get information from them. they don't seem to want to commit to any information. for example we went to dubai and the developers told us that the unit number had changed from the one given on our contract, when we got back to the uk we e-mailed homes dubai for an answer and we are still waiting for an answer
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  7. jwayne592

    jwayne592 New Member

    Greece Studio

    Hi Alden I'm using a UK based company Dubai Property Link and have not heard much from them either. I have received my Sales Purchase Agreement but they have never contacted me with updates about when my studio will be ready. I was originally told Sept 07 but through feedback on this forum have realised I am more likely to get it early next year. I think all these agents are poor on providing updates and this is partly due to the fact they don't know the information themselves. Has anybody heard any future updates on Greece sector and does anybody know if this sector will be affected by the sewerage smell as it seems quite close.
  8. anil

    anil New Member

    I found it easier to deal direct with the building owner in Dubai. You will know who it is, because you will get letters and payment reminders from them.

    I would strongly advise you to make sure you have receipts for any payments you have made. Also, keep a record of all correpondance including emails.
  9. babe

    babe New Member

    hello can you brief me on your experience with profile uk
  10. brendan92

    brendan92 New Member

    hi new member

    hi i am a new member and was wondering if anyone is buying in i-city :confused: park lane or any of the other blocks in this vicinity, also are the smells from the sewage plant reaching this area. could they tell me how much to expect to pay on top of apt price, ie siolictors costs ( and can they reccomend one ) and tax,es ect. much appriciated thanks.
  11. Sunjay

    Sunjay New Member

    Homes Dubai

    The real problem is that developers have encounter delays and unexpected hurdles, together with relatively new laws, this in turn is not communicated very effectively to the building owners, and in turn the original agent suffers the most.

    I have bought several properties from Homes Dubai, and spoken to the MD who is greatly upset by the whole process, but instead of making up fictitious stories about expected dates, he has been nothing but honest (as frustrating as it may be). The real blame which could very easily be rectified, is if the developer gave live updates via their website. One of my purchases is at Armada Towers, whose website is updated every few days with the latest pictures, even they are around 6 months behind schedule, but at least I can see what is happening.

    Dubai has a great deal to learn about how we in the UK expect things to be handled.

    Why shoot the messenger? We all look for someone to blame, the easiest person is the agent, but is that truly where the problem lies???

    The MD of Homes Dubai, who incidently frequently visits Dubai, so has a good understanding of the process, has said that he has lost substantial business due the the delays by the developers, hence if he had any persuasive options, he would have used them to speed the process up for all involved.

    Using agents reduces the risk of using ones own judgement. They can be very informative, and helpful, as well as being your UK point of contact. I have tried calling companies in Dubai, but many times just hit walls.
  12. anil

    anil New Member

    Hmmmm, do you have any special relationship with this agent?
    Your message sounds like an advert for them!

    I dont think your experience is typical of what most of us have gone through.
  13. dubai_dubai

    dubai_dubai New Member

    Hmmmmmmm, comforting words...not!
    Our thoughts should be with those who have suffered endless walls of silence, the constant lies and false promises which I can imagine must be more painful than the wait itself.

    No wonder agents are losing business, are you surprised?
    I think the problem lies with the whole Dubai property business itself but we shouldn't shed any tears for agents who it seems have jumped on the bandwagon to make a quick buck without it seems doing proper research in the markets they are operating in.

    We should lobby our MPs for regulation of agents selling property overseas to innocent buyers in the UK. We need more transparency and a charter of standards and quality for all UK based International Estate Agents.

    In the meantime look directly to Developers as much as possible. There are Developers who are building in Dubai and are also UK based, you only have to search for them. Overall a much more satisfying experience with regular news and picture updates on their OWN WEBSITE! Loads of benefits and discounts for flights and Hotels etc. AND NO MIDDLEMEN!

    Good luck!
  14. smullin

    smullin New Member

    Hi Bizmax,
    I have actually heard your name mentioned in the Homes Dubai office over the phone and I am keen to talk to you to find out if that outfit have treated you with the same contempt I have'nt enjoyed from them, like you I bought an apartment in IC 19 Morocco in August 2005 (now paid in ful for 13 months), along with nearly 2,500 eurs for the service agreement. However they have told me now that this is a large studio and should be happy with that as it is nearly the same size, oh and no en-suite oh and smaller windows oh and dont expect to rent it for the same amount etc etc etc etc. You can imagine my response. I have contacted the building owners who are surprisingly helpful. Also have you recieved the contract yet, the building owners have assured me the Homes Dubai crowd picked it up at Christmas from them.
    If this sounds familar to any one let me know. Or if anyone wants to swap their one bedroom apt for "a large studio" let me know. HomesDubai would probably make this comment as a serious question !!!!
  15. dublin

    dublin New Member

    hi new member i have bought a 1bed aprtmentin international city persia paid first deposit in 2005 and they still cant tell me when i will get it has any one had the same proplem
  16. panchal

    panchal New Member

    I also bought in 2006, ICI france, but to date no keys or date for handover. My agents have so far fogged me off with false promises.

    I also know that next door flats in france have already been occupied/let but mine is stuck and they will not tell what problems.

    Waht law in dubai can protect us???
  17. Jacque

    Jacque New Member

    Hi owners,

    I am a real estate licensed broker based in Dubai and I have a client looking to buy a studio apt and 2br apt at International City. If you are selling your properties in Intl City please send details at [email protected]

    I have ready buyers waiting for the best deal.

    - Cluster
    - Total Area
    - Unit no.
    - Rented or vacant
    - Original Price
    - Expected Price
    - with title deed?

    At the moment, the going rate (see gulfnews) for studio apt is between AED400,000 - 500,000 net to owner.

    Please feel free to send me email or call at 0502907487.

    Thank you!
  18. Jacque

    Jacque New Member


    You bought an apt in 2005 and upto now you havent got it yet? Something must be wrong. As far as I know, Persia apartments were already handed over.
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