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High Appreciation In Turkey

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by bennett, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. bennett

    bennett New Member

    I have been hearing a lot about capital growth opportunities in Turkey. I am interested about investment opportunities in Bodrum, Marmaris and Dalyan. Are mortgages available. Any advice or views on turkey would be greatly appreciated
  2. dincersaldiris

    dincersaldiris New Member

  3. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

  4. paul-steve

    paul-steve New Member

    We can supply a name for mortgages pm me if you need details Properties are also available off plan in the areas you are looking at, again feel free to pm me.
  5. Cagla

    Cagla New Member

    Hi Bennett,

    Although you post this long time ago, if you still think on, there are mortgages for foreigners in 0,60% per month for Euros which can be for 120 months.We help for our clients to have a direct information from the banks for any property located in Didim or Bodrum; Aegean Side.
    If you would like to see a few properties from Didim or Bodrum, I can send you the pictures+information which are available for mortgage.
    You can also see them from my web site if you send me a PM.There are nice houses having a high investment capacity in popular regions.
    Cagla Karahan
    Cekul Construction Group

  6. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days Member

    Hi Bennet
    Mortgages are available (up to 100%) from Turkish banks for high net worth investors (including non-Turkish nationals). For "ordinary investors" - up to 80%. The availability of credit is easier to attain from Turkish banks than from most of the foreign lenders.
    It is possible to have a gifted deposit on the right type of investment in Turkey. You'll need a good agent to identify such investments for you.
    Price Water House Cooper (PWC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) published the 5th edition of Emerging trends in Real Estate Europe in February 2008. They concluded that Turkey is the best investment in 2008 for residential property. PM me if you want a full copy of the report.
    Good Luck with your research.
  7. cece

    cece New Member

    GIP ( Guaranteed Investment Program)
    I can offer yearly %25 yearly return from your investment. There are aIready many customers working with us. Minimum entrence for investment is 100K euro.
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