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I am currently building a web/mobile application that allows landlords or real estate agents to easily manage property from anywhere in the world. I am wondering if anyone with experience in real estate, property management, tenant of a property or landlord could spare some time to give me some advice or feedback.

The main objective of this application is to reduce time and make the job easier for the landlord through automated features. Below are a list of the features I have included:

- Applications – allow the tenants to fill out an application form via a link on the listing site (domain or realestate) where they must fill out their work history, rent history and other details including the credit report that the tenant can attach. From here the landlord can see the applications all in one place an select a tenant for their property

- Request Monthly Payments from tenants – using PayPal the landlord is able to set up reoccurring payments.

- Ticket System for Repairs and Enquiries – tenants can post an ‘issue’ (defect, repair, or enquiry). Landlords can also see these issues and; resolve, comment or close the issue.

- Invoicing System – allows the landlord to create both automated and custom invoices and send them easily to their tenants.

- Payment Records – manage your property and tenants with payment records which allow you to see the details of you income and outgoings.

- Automated Emails – alerts the tenant when their account is in arrears or payment is due.

- Notifications – the application will notify you of upcoming issues or messages.

- Manage Move Outs – you are able to easily manage move outs with the click of a button.

- Messaging System – besides the ticket system there is a messaging system that allows the tenant to interact with landlord without having to give out emails.

- Manage Tenant and Property Details – easily manage your records, updating and removing records is a breeze.

- Maintanence – create job requests once and email to all providers, keep track of jobs with an overview on what stage the job is at and

If there is anything you think should be included in this application or you have any feedback on the above please let me know. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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This is borderline advertising but I will allow it as long as you do not tout for business or add any links, company names or contact details.

I would be interested to hear more about this app when it has been developed.




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Okay thanks Mark.

I assure you I'm not here to advertise. I just want some feedback or advice from people who are landlord or agents on how to make their lives/work easier.


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I built an app for similar reasons for german property management. Unless its too difficult, I would also build in a currency converter so landlords who live aborad can instantly see an update in their own currency of their monthly profit/loss, also, build in things like property tax reminders- if possible live linked to government database so with their postcode it can automatically work out the tax band of that property for the given year, update that tax band if it changes, etc.


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Wow! this app will help those who are suffering from finding the best home around Melbourne, Australia.


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Wow! Great new idea! I think those features are perfect for now. Those are the main things to prioritise, really.

Looking forward to that app once launched!