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Help with Albufeira!!

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by kristopher, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. kristopher

    kristopher New Member

    Hello all,

    I recently posted a question on this site in regards to Silver Coast property as my family is looking to purchase a property in Portugal.

    Unfortunately most of my family is set on Albufeira, preferably within walking distance to the old town, is this still a valid investment as it seems so expensive in that area?

    If anyone can recommend any sites that they found useful for this area I would be most grateful. Budget is up to ?250,000 and looking for 2+ bedroom apartment with easy access (one of our party is slightly disabled).

    Thanks in advance
  2. lane

    lane New Member

    Before your family decide that the place to live is in Albufeira, you should look towards the west coast. Most Brits never go further than the large towns in any country missing all the lovely places that there are to live in. Explore before you decide, otherwise you will end up moving shortly after you arrive. Also renting Portugal is very cheap, I would also give that very serious thought.

    good kuck!
  3. albert

    albert New Member

    Albufeira and Lagos are not too dissimilar. Both have marinas, old parts and new parts, a large English contingent and more or less everything in walking distance.
    Looks like you're gonna get a fair choice of 2 bed apartments for your ?250,000 in either of those places, but Inish is right about the need to try before you buy. We've been renting here for over a year now and still haven't narrowed down where we'd most like to live.
    Once you're actually living here, it takes time to work out what kind of mix suits you best. However, the rents are not cheap compared to the UK. Expect to pay at least 800 Euros for a half decent place, unless you crave the 'authentic' lifestyle.
    Not a lot here is cheap, except local wines, fags, sardines and soup, oh and the English Breakfast from Mary Anns on 'The Strip' at Albufeira.
    Best of Luck
  4. frediokl

    frediokl New Member

    With that budget you should not have a problem finding somewhere in Albufeira. Close to the old town might be a problem with the access as most of the properties in that area are old, not very user friendly. Their are some new ones in the town center though.

    I am just about to buy a 2 bed apartment near the camera, just been renovated, new kitchen, two new bathrooms, new plumbing and electrics for 135,000 Euros so bargains can be found.

    The most comprehensive site for finding properties is Casa.Sapo - Portal Nacional de Imobiliário: Imobiliárias, Apartamentos, Vivendas, Quintas, Escritórios, Terrenos e Imóveis de Luxo em Portugal ou no Brasil most agents have their properties on it, but it is only in portuguese. Alternativley an English portal with a few agents Algarve Property Database
  5. paulomatos

    paulomatos New Member


    i do have a 4bed apartment with 200sqm walking distance from the old town, if you want more informations, e-mail me on [email protected]


  6. marcus&lesley

    marcus&lesley New Member


    Hi Kristopher,
    I have a brand new 2bed 2bath apartment on the edge of Albufeira on the Parque Da Corcovada Complex which has been quoted as being one of the best complex's built in the area in recent years. The apartment has all new kitchen appliances plus internal vaccuum system, wood floors and 2.5 balconies and 2 parking spaces. The apartment is on the 1st floor in a group of 5 apartments with a lift and so there is easy access without the traffic!. The apartment is situated so that you get the sun in the mornings and overlooking the pool and extensive gardens which have just been planted 2 months ago. There is also electric shutters on all windows so that you can be sure of the apartment being secure at all times.
    The apartment really is fantastic with an area of 131sqft.

    If you are interested in seeing photos and a plan of the apartment Kristopher, then please send me a reply to [email protected]

    Many thanks
  7. DAVID-S

    DAVID-S New Member

    Contact Me For More Info, I`m English In Albufeira 18 Years & In Real Estate .in & Around Albufeira,easy Get You Your Criteria!
    Dave [email protected]
  8. mad_zzzb

    mad_zzzb Member

    There is no single site for property search

    Well I don´t agree that this facts is true. If you search on Google you'll get several Real Estate Portals in Portugal. There are two or three main providers being Casa Sapo one of them.

    As I am a new member I'm not allowed to pass any urls yet but if you search on Google*dot*pt instead of Google*dot*com and choose to get only pages from Portugal you will eventually locate those sites on the first or second page of results.
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