HELP REQUIRED: Problems with landlord

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Hi all,

As usual, I AM STRESSED!

Just had one lot of people back out on me with regards to renting their place and had my heart set on it :-(

I have now found another place for me, its got all that I need and I can have it for the dates that I want.

However, the landlord will not block the dates until I pay him 1800 LE and isnt prepared to email / post me a contract.

He has suggested that one of my 'friends' in Hurghada go and see the flat, report back to me and post / email the contract to me.

Don't get me wrong, I trust my friends out there but up to a point. I don't like the idea of people who I have known quite briefly knowing my financial situation etc. I guess on here, we all trust each other more than we would with some of the locals or am I being overly cautious?

So, any suggestions as to what I should do?

Any Brits prepared to send these documents out to the UK for me and in return, you will get dinner and drinks on me when I get there as well as my eternal gratitude!!!

Any suggestions would also be very welcome as I am near breaking point with this situation :-(
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