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Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by dominick, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. dominick

    dominick New Member

    Dear friends,

    Well we are moving to Bugeria in Sep, 2006 and currently trying to pack our house up to in order to rent out and beginning to panic slightly. Only a couple of month and so much to do. We are heading over to Veliko Turnovo to give a lick of paint then ? Can you help us to find out a good house in the place we are moving to? Could you kindly suggest a few reliable agents over there?
  2. kobe

    kobe New Member

    Plenty of people from uk and bg will give you all the advice you need I?m sure
    Not sure from your post if you are renting out both your properties, uk and uk
    Anyway I?m sure that by reading many of the previous posts, you will have a good idea what you are letting yourself in for
    Best of luck, I hope all goes well for you both
  3. neggy

    neggy New Member

    Hi Dominik

    how did it all go. I have only been to Veliko Tarnovo site seeing. But I do have knowledge of Varna.



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