Has anyone bought or thinking of buying in Hua Hin?

Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by Stripe99, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Stripe99

    Stripe99 New Member


    I'm new to this forum, but couldn't see any previous threads about Hua Hin.

    I am thinking about buying a villa in Hua Hin, and wondered if anyone else had either bought there already or was thinking about buying there.

    If so, any comments would be appreciated.

  2. LisaP

    LisaP New Member

    Hi Stripe99
    Hua Hin is currently experiencing a building boom unsurpassed in any other part of Thailand. Price of land and property has more than doubled in the last 3-5 years and the prices are still rising. Currently in this area it is possible to achieve up to 30% return on your investment per annum. However, you must buy carefully and ensure that a good lawyer handles all the paperwork. Also remember that a non Thai cannot own land so that if you buy a villa, for it to be legal it would have to be leasehouse. This rule does not apply to apartments.
    Regards Lisa.
  3. Stripe99

    Stripe99 New Member


    I am aware of the restrictions on foreigners owing land in Thailand and am preparing to go the leasing route.
    Can you recommend a independant lawyer that I could use?
  4. LisaP

    LisaP New Member

    William Chen of SCM in Bangkok.
    Tel: (+66-2) 653 0815
    This is the Lawyer that we would recommend. Totally independant and nothing to do with any developer.
    They have a website address if you want any more information www.thailandlaw.com
  5. egeefay

    egeefay Senior Member

    investing in Hua Hin

    My Thai wife and I bought some land in Palm Hills, just outside of the city of Hua Hin about 2 years ago.
    Buying property in Thailand is tricky
    1. Foreigners, for the most part, cannot own property in their name (I purchased it under my wife's name)
    The current government does not look favorably on all the westerners that are moving to Thailand. The best advice is "Don't invest any money in Thailand that you can't afford to lose".
    2. Foreigners can own condos
    3. The real estate market in Thailand does not necessarily follow the rule of supply and demand, the highest and best use etc. Thais often overprice their property regardless of current market conditions because that's what they expect to get...not what other like properties are selling for
    4. The real estate market is largely unregulated. Anyone can become a contractor, real estate agent or property manager. No licensing, no tests. There are a lot of less than honorable lawyers, real estate agents and contractors running loose in Thailand looking to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting foreigners. "Let the buyer beware" was never more true than in Thailand.

    That being said, I believe that Hua Hin is quickly becoming a destination location for foreigners looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and the seedy reputation of Pattaya. A good place for retirees and families.
  6. charlieboy747

    charlieboy747 New Member

    If it's good enough for the King then it's good enough for me. Lovely place, but pricey by Thai standards.
  7. Eco-rich

    Eco-rich New Member

    Hi Stripe99,
    Your interest about Huahin is the new spark with most of the tourists coming into Thailand. History shows Pattaya was the trendy town closest to Bkk but now Huahin is the icon.
    I have lived in Huahin for 7 years now and I would be happy to give you some recommendations..... do let me know.
  8. ThailandProperty

    ThailandProperty New Member

    Hi Stripe.

    I know this thread was started a while ago, Did you ever buy in Hua Hin ? If so how was your experience.

    Me and my wife (Thai) have thought about purchasing in Hua Hin, but prices still seem to remain remarkably high. We have now set our sights on purchasing a small townhouse in Cha Am next year sometime. Have you looked at Cha Am at all. Better beach and much cheaper although not so much of an expat community there.


  9. ted

    ted New Member

    Prices in Hua Hin are still reasonable compared with Phuket, which as extremely high prices for Thailand. Hua Hin is probably the best place to invest your money in Thailand at the moment as the market is still moving due to domestic sales.

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