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Has anybody had any dealings with Manchester Reale Estate

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by kevin T, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. kevin T

    kevin T New Member

    If you have had any dealings with Manchester Reale Estate can you please advise if they are a reputable developer or not. I have purchased an appartment in Manchester Sports Towers 1 in Sports City but am struggling to get any updates from them. The feedback I have had so far is very worrying. Their address is Al Moosa Tower 1, Sheikh Zayed Road.
    Many thanks to everyone who has responded to my earlier thread, your help is much appreciated. Kevin T
  2. sqftmag

    sqftmag <B>Moderator</B> & Senior Member

    Kevin, I've never heard of them and, as a property magazine editor, I get press releases from every developer and agent under the sun. I know the Sports City development but not in connection with the guys you mention. Keep me posted and I'll tell my readers at Sq Ft Property Investor Magazine about this as it sounds worrying.
    Kind regards, Michele Andrew
  3. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Hi sqftmag
    you are right , I tried to find out their phone number to contact them , but could not find them in directory.May be they are operating with different name.
    you can send me more details about them if you have already purchased from them , I will personally try to go to their office or site and find out more about them.One should take atmost care in purchasing something without seeing it actually.we read incident with Grathal also in another post.
  4. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    I think it's advisable to always contact the developer just before sending any money to the agents. It's also safer to research the developers and make sure they have ESCROW in place etc...
    I hope you end up sorting out the situation with Manchester, and please kee us informed!

    Good luck again,
  5. naga7

    naga7 New Member

    Contact details for Manchester real estate and advice PLZ

    manchesterrealestate ae

    I phoned them today. I asked for the website address and was told it was manchestertower com. Doesnt seem to be coming up though.

    Seems a bit dodgy to me. I am interested in buying an apartment there but scared too. Any advice would be appreciated.

    its a 1 bed 560 sqft for £100k

    Any advice PLEASE
  6. sqftmag

    sqftmag <B>Moderator</B> & Senior Member

    Put it this way, would you put all of your money in a bag, walk to a train station, hand it to a total stranger and walk away?
    If the answer is "No" then don't invest in this!
  7. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Absolutely right. I see many investors who follow a blind path and fall into trouble.

    When you call on a bank / investment consultant and ask about the investments they have, would you not be interested to know how the investment will perform, what rate of interest you will on and so forth. The same thing applies to real estate.

    When you invest in real estate, you need to sleep well at night, without any tensions that you might be cheated. Research is the name of the game. If you have your research right, then you you should be laughing your way to the bank.


  8. mpat

    mpat New Member

    I think above mentioned advices are good enough for you to avoid buying there.Only one benefit of doubt can be given to them if the building is ready and that time u r buying.Its only then it makes sense.Otherwise price is also very high.
  9. Roshan

    Roshan New Member


    Why don'y you think of Falak properties. It's not that I have soft corner for them. It's just that there is a finance option on their developments. Amlak finances upto 90%.

    Remember when a bank finances a project, 90% of your research on the developer is done. Banks scrutinize a developer up side down, inside out when they give lending options, thereby you are assured that they will not foreclose on the project or run away.

    Falak is on my short list when I get my equity release this year end.

    My mantra is always go for good developers or ready properties which can be inspected, felt and then bought.

    Hope this makes sense.


  10. naga7

    naga7 New Member

    Thanks for your advice

    Thanks for the advice. It is very much appreciated. I think I will give Manchester Tower a miss.

    I will check out Falak too.


  11. sqftmag

    sqftmag <B>Moderator</B> & Senior Member

    Nadia, sound move. You were worrying us all!
  12. omercan

    omercan New Member

    manchester Tower Dubai Maeina

    I bought a one bed room apart, in manchester tower in dubai marina back in oct 07 and I moved in a month later, I was one of three people whom were the first to move in and everyday there are new tennants/ owners mocing in. I had no problems in dealings with the developer my only cancern was the price of the annual up keep of the chiller whic is 6000 dirhams per annum, i further researced and found out that thats about the going rate. Having a look around at other developments within the area I can honestly say that Manchester Tower are the most reasonably priced. I had so many inquiries from placing an add to rent my place for short term that I decided to become a broker and in the three weeks that I have been one, I have already sold 2 apartments one being a 2 bedder and the other a three bedder in Manchester Tower. if you still have any concerns please do not hessitate to contact me.
  13. naga7

    naga7 New Member

    Is there anything available there? What kind of price are 1 beds going for?
  14. omercan

    omercan New Member

    I have a one bedder at 900k aed on the 12th floor 553sqft a bit of marina/ocean and shk zyd rd view.
  15. Prop Guru

    Prop Guru New Member

    I’ve heard of the company as we have been in the real estate market for over 30 years in Dubai, but never done business as there are several new agencies open since the commencement of freehold began.
    Feel free to email us or call our US office (preferred, as that is the region I’m handling) or Dubai office if you have any questions.
    you can Google - ggredubai
  16. smile99931

    smile99931 New Member

    If you are talking about the name of sales department, this is information that I got about them:-
    Phone Number: +971-2-5637282
    Mobile: +971-50-2544922 (Al-Shamisi, Yousef)
    Fax Number: +971-2-5637282
    P.O Box: 51849 Abu Dhabi
    (I could not post their website, because I am new member.)
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2008
  17. julia

    julia New Member

    hi sqft, can you tell me anything about profile developers? i have bought in Sports city but don't really know as much about them as maybe i should.
    are they safe and reputable? thanks.
  18. annemarie33

    annemarie33 New Member

    I am interested in buying a 2BR in Manchester Tower in the Marina. Anybody suggestions?

    cinpe2002 "at" hotmail "dot" com
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