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With the new stamp duty rises and the ever reducing yields on BTL is now the time to move into more hands off fixed rate deals? There are some great options available from experienced developers with strong returns and good exit strategies!
Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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I personally think hands-off investments are great as they give you added security in most cases, personal use (sometimes) and give a good solid return. You do earn a little less than if you did all the work yourself (refurbishing, building/developing or HMOs e.t.c.) but if you have a full time job, are retired or already have a fairly hands-on portfolio having an element of hands-off investments is a great idea and will add another good security to any well balanced portfolio...


If you have the money up front and are willing to take a hit, there is nothing wrong with it. You never want to invest wrong though so be sure whatever you do invest it, it will turn around to make some profit. You don't want to sit on useless properties.