Guaranteed Income and Property Exposure

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I thought this may be of interest to people considering selling or maybe continuing to let their overseas properties. This is a business we have developed over a couple of years and is popular with holiday property owners in particular.
"If you are interested in buying and selling property then you almost certainly understand the value of the Internet; location research, travel planning, sourcing local builders, finance, holiday letting and more.

Discovery Travel Network Ltd have created a business model that can allow you to increase the visibility of your property for sale or letting, as well as earn a guaranteed ongoing revenue in excess of UK bank base rates.

With over 20 portals in operation, millions of unique visits these sites provide the exposure owners need. They can also appreciate in value and make a capital gain. The Internet is also digital real estate without many of the encumbrances of real property!

For full details please visit Discovery Travel Network Ltd. or or for members of "Hot Property Alert" a special discount and offer site has been created at Hot Property Portals

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