Group forming to represent titledeed-less property owners in Cyprus

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by isratech, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. isratech

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    I am forming a group/organizations to represent the interests of property owners in Cyprus who legally own their property but have not been issued title deeds. The purpose of the group is to initiate legal action to secure our rights.

    All those interested in joining, please respond to me at:

    Joel Bainerman
  2. Lysos

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    There is a group trying to deal with this & and related issues already in existence:

    The Cyprus Property Action Group.
  3. grumpy001

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    Steve, I hope you didnt Unsure it (I know its a spelling mistake)....

    The CPAG are already up n running with varying success, however the owners of the proposed projects by Liassides group have set up their own body with a UK and Nicosia Lawyer willing to take on the big boys..
  4. SteveGant

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    lol thank you on that. Of course Insured.
  5. Cornholio

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