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Great shots Med-Saidia

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by exfcsm, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. exfcsm

    exfcsm New Member

    There are some really fabulous aeriel pictures of the entire development. Take a look at the 'Home Page' of Neo Limited . com - the 1st box contains a whole range of pictures that are really worth a look.

    The website has a regular Blog, keeping people up to date with what's happening on site on a day to day basis.

    Saidia Holiday Rentals
  2. Joppa

    Joppa New Member

    VVT 3 underwater ??

    Hi Shani,
    Great link to the aerial photos which helps tremendously, but my worry is that development plot VVT 3 which is the site for the proposed 'Pines' Townhouses and villas appears to be underwater !! :eek:Can you possibly take a look and report back please?
  3. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    Just back today from Saidia. You're right the Pines and the Palms are both under water. This is because the sites were excavated but nothing else was done and the holes filled up with water. I have taken some photos and will post them up tomorrow.
  4. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    Sorry about the delay. Having problems re sizing photos. I will send a link for the entire ablum to member of the Oasis Investors Group. To join please email [email protected]
  5. Joppa

    Joppa New Member

    I have previously joined ;)so I assume they will send me an e-mail with the link once you have posted it.

    many thanks
    Much appreciated.:D
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