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Great place to stay on your inspection trip-Asilah!

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by esmerelda, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. esmerelda

    esmerelda New Member

    Calling all 0ff plan owners in the Asilah area!!

    If you are visiting on an inspection trip and & you need rental accommodation in Asilah, why not try our traditional "dar" right in the heart of the Asilah medina?

    For the same price as a 5 star hotel in Tangiers you could enjoy a 5 bedroomed traditional moroccan house in the best location of the famously chic town of Asilah.
    House guardian available, Moroccan home cooked food available.

    For details go to: Holiday Rentals House Asilah 8 persons with Terrace Garden sight on Sea - Morocco

    Special discount of 10% offered on stays between Oct 1st 2008 - May 15th 2009 excluding Christmas, New Year & Easter weeks for users of this site.
    Please quote "Totally Property" in your initial enquiry.
  2. sandals

    sandals New Member

  3. Myasilah

    Myasilah New Member

    Morocco property investors Developer and visitors

    If you are investors, Developers or visitors who are intereted in Tangier, Asilah and Larache zone Morocco and looking for a modern and luxury self-catering accommodation with swimming pool, car park, garage, security and lift in the hotspot location of the city centre why you don't book now for a week or long term stay in our luxury apartments in Asilah which are located just 2 mn from the beach, 6 mn from the Medina and the fishing port and 25 miles from Tangier airport. A very good deal with a good discount if you book in advance for long stay. Our self-catering apartments are highly recommended for investors, developers and visitors. Special offer for Totallyproperty community: We offer you our good cook and cleaner for free if you stay more than 3 weeks. You think about your business holiday we think about your confort and your lifestyle.
  4. esmerelda

    esmerelda New Member

    What myasilah doesn't say is he is also an agent!!
  5. Myasilah

    Myasilah New Member

    We are direct Owners

    If you are agent we are direct owners. Our aims is to encourage developers and investors to invest in this nice area of Morocco.
    We are so please to refer your accommodation to our clients. We know Asilah Medina. Some of the clients like to stay in the Medina and others prefer the modern area.
  6. tony ben

    tony ben New Member

    Keep up the great work, you have done it the correct way. Well done you deserve it.
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