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Discussion in 'India property' started by julian, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. julian

    julian New Member

    So we've all heard about how the property market in India and China have been booming, and I'm sure we all want a piece of that action! I have been hunting around the net to find good sites that deal in India property and property in China, but reliable and professional companies are hard to find.

    However, I have come across a few sites that do service India property, and one that sticks out is <snip>They offer a full service related to India property investment, plus India city guides, what the Indian property market is all about and much more.
    Any further information please shares with me
  2. yogesh

    yogesh New Member

    You are right julian now days in India and China property market in India and China is realy rise up and booming. Also rates or good and you can get good ROI when you sell them. Indian markets is more better than China.
  3. FlexiBox

    FlexiBox New Member

    I agree that India is one of the next booms. China I am not too sure about due to the government issues. Long term - in my view - India's grounding in democracy and capitalism makes it a great prospect.

  4. nancyarora2020

    nancyarora2020 New Member

    In the last two years probably the four words that have made the most frequent headlines in news articles and magazines has been the “Indian Real Estate Boom”. The Indian Real Estate industry is on a roll be it in the country or outside. The sector has witnessed immense growth in the past couple of years. The phenomenal increase in the Real Estate demand and access to funds were the key drivers for propelling the Indian real estate market into an overdrive.India has attracted $3 billion worth of real estate stated by government official report of March 2007. This booming India real estate market is currently more expected to contribute for concerning $30 billion in the upcoming years. When evaluated to last year, real estate 2007 has gone doubled.In the league of the most preferred property market among foreign investors globally, US has retained its top position, while China was ranked second followed by India.Going forward, we expect the Indian real estate market to witness greater M&A activity driven by consolidation and the growing maturity of the market.
  5. max_steel

    max_steel New Member

    property investment

    you are absolutely right julian, even i am too interested in india the realestate market is extremely booming but not have much ideas about china..i also started searching in google for some good sites and recently i got window2india dot com this is a very helpful site and here in property section you can get many tips about investment and property available in india. i have also invested in mumbai and that is really good place..enjoy :)
  6. srathod

    srathod New Member

    Investment Properties in India

    Hi All,

    I totally agree that India is the place to buy, as well is China. However my personal opinion is that NRI's who want to invest in India should make the most from it now.

    Chennai I agree has a lot to offer in terms of capital growth and good money can be made with a few years and recommend investors to look into it.

    I'd like to give you all a little history about myself so people do not think I am simply a sales person and take this the wrong way. I have speacialised in International property invest for approximately 5-6 years and have worked with most E.U Markets and most Asian markets. Not so long ago I decided to move from these markets to focus on India as I personally had seen a good ROI from several properties, in Noida, Powai, Banglore, and Hydrabad.

    If you are looking for good agencies feel free to get in touch. I will do my best to point you in the right direction. My current position is with one of the largest developers in India and therefore have access to a fair bit. I will not be bias and am always open to new suggestions.

    p.s I have seen growth in Chennai of approx 55% in 10-11 months and highly recommend it. I believe one should make the most of it as prices are highly likely to move from Rs.3500/sqft to Rs6.5k+
    Yes I have access to a township development there.

    If you have any information which you'd like to share please do :)
  7. sweetsilvanab

    sweetsilvanab New Member

    Asia is the place to be

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the board. This thread caught my eye immediately since I have been making plans to relocate to India (Bangalore). Asia is the place to be right now. The economy is booming, real-estate projects are being developed on a scale unimaginable in Europe. Asia is the place to be.

    Of course the advantages of India compared to China are that the people are far more open to foreigners and believe in free enterprise. And the greatest advantage is: they speak English (at least in the cities).

    I think it is a good time to invest in India!

  8. sha-sl

    sha-sl New Member

    Yes, what you said regarding the Indian properties is exactly correct. In India, there are places which every one want's to invest the places are hyderabad, bangalore, chennai, pune, mumbai, noida, haryana, goa. All this listed places are the most favourate and reliable places to invest. You can check details regarding them at
  9. ihpuser

    ihpuser New Member

    Dear sweets,

    The same reason of mine reply, that this is very very good advantage for India that real estate business is booming here.
  10. satyendra650

    satyendra650 New Member

    I agree that India is one of the next booms. China I am not too sure about due to the government issues. Long term - in my view - India's grounding in democracy and capitalism makes it a great prospect.
  11. JenniferKelly

    JenniferKelly New Member

    You can come across a list of Indian Property in the various property listing sites like Makaan, Trulia, Zillow.
  12. Bindu9

    Bindu9 New Member

    Hi all,

    According to me it is better to invest in India when compared to china why because from the last two years real estate in India developed lot and the property value will become more in the future....
  13. ibrahm

    ibrahm New Member

    what is the best palace to buy commercial property in Mumbai?
  14. sumit1990

    sumit1990 New Member

    Thanks for sharing a valuable information about real estate. We all like your blog post and aspect all regular blog reader will be like.
  15. js131989

    js131989 New Member

    If we are talking about Indian Real Estate Market in this thread then we must have to discuss about the real estate market trend in India.
    Can you please tell me about latest FDI rules on Construction sector which has currently updated? Is this really good for Real estate Market as well as builders?
  16. kartiknoida

    kartiknoida Banned

    Yes, India is one of the best places in the world to buy property. Because of stable and gainful Indian economy. if you want to buy a property in India for investment that's good decision.
  17. anniee

    anniee New Member

    According to me the best time to purchase property in India when the Government provides maximum funds for real estate housing projects and at the time when there is cut off in interest rate from RBI and i think it is the right time to purchase the property as the RBI announced the cut of in interest rate for various banks which take loans from RBI
  18. anniee

    anniee New Member

    Yes i do feel the same
  19. nidhisharma091

    nidhisharma091 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    As we know,real estate market is booming not only in India but also in abroad.Property is good asset of everyone.without any doubt investment in property would be good decision for you..
  20. highrise

    highrise New Member

    infrastructure in india is developing at a lightning speed
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  22. sunnyalex

    sunnyalex New Member

    Now the realestate market in india is booming. This is the right time to buy property in india
  23. markpeterson

    markpeterson New Member

    Yes, nowadays, property market in India is booming. So it is better to invest in this country.
  24. sunnyalex

    sunnyalex New Member

  25. sunnyalex

    sunnyalex New Member

    Buying a property is an investment activity, so you have to consider socio economic factors to select the best time to invest.
  26. sakshidhawan

    sakshidhawan New Member

    Property market in india is booming, Especially in chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Gurgaon
  27. jyoti_singh

    jyoti_singh New Member

    Thanx for sharing the information...
    Surely there is an overall improvement in the global real estate market as prices are going up in a majority of countries...
  28. markpeterson

    markpeterson New Member

    According to the report, the housing industry sector of India has been strong witnessed of growth in the past few years and expecting that prices of property will increase in 2015.

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