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Hi There,

I just thought I would take a step back from the whole investing thing, and ask a few basics - I am going over soon just to see NZ, and just spend some general time on the ground...

- what?s the best way to pay for stuff etc?
Should I just convert a wad of AU$ at the bank and take it across? Should I just put it all on the visa/diners card? Or maybe I should bring a wad of AU$ across and convert it there...
- whilst looking at property, I want to actually see a bit of the country as well. If I was to say plan a trip and start at Auckland, what are some "must see" places?

Any ideas?

I know I am being general but I'm open to ideas.



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I was there for nearly a month (work and play) and put everything on the credit card after realizing that converting cash is almost a 1:1 proposition after fees etc. Least with the credit card you get the conversion with only a small fee and the credit card is accepted everywhere just about. Convert a couple of hundred for cups of coffee and parking meters I guess.

Know where you want to look first and incorporate that in the trip plans. There is a great deal of fabulous scenery and touristy places (and we didn't even get to Queenstown where most of the extreme sporty things are). For scenery we loved Lake Tekapo, Wanaka, the glaciers and Mt Ruapaho For things that tickled our fancy , the mud pools and geothermal areas around Rotorua.

If you are crossing the gap in a hire car take into consideration whether you want to be tied to an absolute timetable of being in a certain place at a certain time to catch the ferry or freewheel and book the day before online (or just turn up like we did).

Best of Luck!!!!!!
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