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Global Warming threatens investment in Caribbean

Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by sqftmag, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. sqftmag

    sqftmag <B>Moderator</B> & Senior Member

    Well, that got your attention!

    But I have a serious point to make. I love the Caribbean, although I've only managed 3 trips in 40-something years.

    I've written about some enticing deals there in Square Foot Property Investor Magazine but I'm worried. The Caribbean suffers from hurricanes. (OK, some islands are worse hit than others.) But, supposing I invest there, who is going to clear up damage to my property? Is there specialist insurance? Aren't storms putting off visitors?

    Also, when I first visited Barbados' lovely west coast I could walk from the Sandpiper hotel in St James north up the beach quite a long way on wide, perfect beaches. When I revisited some 4 years later, these wide beaches had been reduced in parts to very narrow strips of land, so that walking the same route necessitated swimming around coves rather than a straight walk. I've not been back since the 90s, but I can't see those beaches having widened at all.

    So the global warming worries me and yes, it's put me off investing there, despite the weakenss of the dollar.

    Am I alone with my concerns?

    Michele Andrew
  2. Escott

    Escott Banned

    Hi Michele,
    I live in the Dominican Republic on the North Coast in the Sosua/Cabarete area and I can only tell you this. Unlike the rest of the Island this area has been spared from hurricanes for as long as they have been tracking them and never has one touched down on the North Coast in this area.

    Global Warming is another subject and I have read a lot about it and unable to form conclusions since the information is conflicting. I have heard that because of global warming the sea is suppose to rise 6 feet.

    If that happens you can kiss most of the world goodbye but since my properties are higher than 6ft above sea level I won't worry too much about this which isn't supposed to happen till after I leave this world anyway:)

    So is the sky falling? LOL
  3. sqftmag

    sqftmag <B>Moderator</B> & Senior Member

    But dear, aren't we supposed to leave a better legacy for those who follow?
  4. Escott

    Escott Banned

    Global Warming won't be my legacy and Hurricanes don't happen on the North Coast either!:)

    If I could solve all the ills of the world I can assure you I would even if it meant giving up our future friendship!:)
  5. propertyborders

    propertyborders New Member

    Thanks for the link Michele.
  6. Edward Briggs

    Edward Briggs New Member

    I don't think I would be too concerned with global warming, it may or may not be happening. Based on this winter, I have my doubts. I read just the other day that the founder of the Weather Channel was in the process of suing Al Gore to allow some open discussion of scientific facts. I think it may well just something else we are supposed to be in constant fear of, you know like "terrorism" or the like.
  7. coolhandluke121360

    coolhandluke121360 New Member

    U make a very good point,however; the beaches are diminishing more because of developement more than because of weather. More major investment groups are buying bigger chunks of property so that they can control what developes and what doesn´t. Hurricanes are patterns like earthquakes and tonadoes and none of them are predictable,however; look at the facts, when cancun was destroyed by katrina and Wilma in 2005 they were up and running within 3 months and had tourist booked up. When the same katrina destroyed Louisiana they still haven´t completely recovered, why, let me explain. Since Mexicos Caribbean shores mean so much to the economy, Pres. Fox dumped 15 MUSD daily for 3 weeks none stop to get Cancun back on her feet because it means that much to them (brings in about 110 MUSD yearly) and Louisiana doesn´t do that for the U.S. That is why Spain Invest so much in Mexico and their economy is booming and the U.S. is not.
  8. BPR

    BPR New Member

    Margarita Island is outside the hurricane belt.

    If you're concerned about hurricanes in the Caribbean, consider Margarita Island. We don't get hit by hurricanes because we're outside the hurricane belt. Gasoline is about 10 cents per gallon, the cost of living is cheap and property is still reasonably priced.
  9. Margarita Island

    We had considered Margarita Island some time back but does Chavez cause you any concern? What nationality are you? I don't know if I would want to live there if I were a white, anglo-saxon, American.

    Just my information so far.
  10. coolhandluke121360

    coolhandluke121360 New Member

    I am well aware of Ur concerns, however; the Caribbean is like the coast of Florida that gets hit by more hurricanes every year than the Caribbean does in 10 years. Investments in the Caribbean especially the Latin Caribbean are great because the labor for cleanup and operations is so low as compared to other areas in the World. If Florida and the Coastal States such as Texas, LA, etc. are OK year round, imagine the Caribbean that have less hurricans hit each year. The Global warming will eventually affect EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, but that doesnt mean beaches will be lost and if they are like in CAncun,the Govenrment is Dregding new beaches that will make it more appealing to the visitors who visit. Believe me that the Caribbean is the single best place to invest each year as with the Global Warming, more Sea-life creatures of wonder are flocking and staying longer in our area. Fawn and fowl are up in our areas as well as the tiger whales and dolphins, etc. If U get to travel to the Caribbean come see for urself the wonder that it is. Thank You
  11. Eagles009

    Eagles009 New Member

    Carribean Real Estate

    The island nation is always supposed to be in danger.
    Well that was a nice info. regarding Carribean Estate
    While Any Earthquake or tsunami is also danger for such a place.
  12. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    Global warming not only threatens the Caribbean - but a lot of great places in the world - especially those among the seven wonders and other nature wonders and places worldwide. I guess we are not really into, or people are not really into fighting for our planet and saving nature cause nothing is happening even with thousands of campaigns for saving the environment has been made.
  13. calebcoverdale

    calebcoverdale New Member

    Global Warming? For real.

    I know that there are a lot of GOOD real estates in-land that don't have coastal waters bearing down on them..... Hurricanes are a problem, but Belize hasn't had as many disasters as most other countries.

    The dollar is good - however, the tourism business is what drives this country forward!
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