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Any good reccomendations for the Berlin area for buy to let purposes for a UK investor?

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Germany B2L

Hi Charlie,

I was very interested to see your post. We as a company source, vet and put forward situations designed for the buy to let investor. Germany (as I'm sure your probably aware) offers an excellent balance between security of investment (solid legal system etc),durability of rental demand (not reliant on ever changing tourist demand) and exceptional value (capital city of worlds third richest country, prices one tenth those in London).

For the most part we are focusing on solid good condition apartments in central locations, where rental demand is exceptionally strong. We see property investment as primarily a capital growth investment. Investments must wash their own faces, but unless we are investing on a very large scale rental yields are not going to change our lives.

Areas were putting forward:

Prenzlauer Berg
Pankow (affluent suburb)

Please follow the link below for details of one of our recent projects,

In Berlin over 80% of the population lives in rented accommodation. We expect this dynamic to change towards an ownership culture (like here in the UK). This demand can already be seen in these central locations. It’s only logical that where there is the strongest rental demand now is where people want to live and therefore where people will buy homes to live in later on. Owner occupiers are always a huge drive on price growth as they will pay much more for a property than an investor (who should always look for a yield to cover his/her costs).

You may be able to get an apartment in the middle of nowhere for a couple of thousand euros. It will probably cost many times it purchase cost to get fit for human habitation, have little or no rental demand and probably get squatted anyway whilst you’re waiting to get a real tenant. These kind opportunities are not what we would get involved with and I would advise that if you are to shop in the bargain basement tread very carefully indeed.

Also its unnecessary when the German equivalent of Knightsbridge or Chelsea has 2 bed room apartments at 100K to 150K euros.

If you wish to find out more please visit us at or email on [email protected].

Looking forward to your reply,

Kind regards,

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Hi do you know where I can find a reasonable German property accountant / booker to look through 18 months worth of rental surplus accounts, as the agent that is looking after the apartment block is starting to become unreliable, our rental amount has changed so has the monthly paper work that we do not get any more, money is not arriving & when I'm looking back through the yearly accounts, figures do not add up! the yield is very small so I'm trying to keep my costs down, any info would be greatly appreciated Craig