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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by manor park, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. manor park

    manor park New Member


    I have a Portugal property being completed early next year and want to start looking at furniture packs.

    Has any got a company they can reccomend that supply to the algarve ?


  2. Furniture Company

    Furniture Company New Member

    Hi MP,

    we do have a company based in central algarve on the last 25years. We delliver and install allover the Algarve.

    Please contact us for full inventory list and also photos from furniture packages.

    Kind Regards
    Furniture Company
  3. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Is it possable that you could give me some info on the best way to contact your company, address of website etc. You may have to space it out as you are a new poster.

  4. Furniture Company

    Furniture Company New Member


    please contact us through furnituredecora at yahoo dot com for full inventory list and photos.

  5. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Do you have a website ?

  6. Furniture Company

    Furniture Company New Member


    no not YET, we're working on that. We still work on a traditional way.

    E-mail us and let us know exactly what you need.

  7. Jools010

    Jools010 New Member

    Try Furniture Express in Spain - they furnished our apartments in Lagos, did a terrific job - left it looking like a showhome and only 5500 euros
  8. Mon

    Mon New Member

    I offer a very affordable furnishing service all around the globe for any residential property, be it for your own comfort or for holiday rental purposes.

    I have currently just furnished a 2 bed townhouse in Alporchinhos, as well as a 3 bedroom house in London so photos are available on request.. All furniture is purchased from a supplier at trade rate, so that is the price you would pay!

    Should you be interested, pm me, and I can give you the weblinks of a few of the suppliers I work with, according to what your budget is. but all of the pieces are of a very high quality and very affordable even for the lower budgets! (Credit crunch is a window of opportunity and not have to be a bad thing!!)

    As I am a new start up, my rates are extremely low, as this is more of a hobby for me rather than an income seeking employment.

  9. Vivaespaña68

    Vivaespaña68 New Member

    In my opinion you should be careful of smaller companies. Go for someone established. Look for furniture packs SPain or Portugal and you'll see a company call completely furniture dot com. They source the best and you get good choice. I got mine from them in a house I have in Spain and for my place in the Algarve.
  10. JWoody

    JWoody New Member

    Some very unsavoury characters out their. I recieved an email from one of the largest real estate companies around ( they have extremely bad press) and they are warning everyone off certain places.
    Be very careful with who you choose to go wit for furniture.

    Why pay a fortune for something that is rental property. Only fall in love with the stuff if it for you. Spend little and then you dont get too upset when it gets damaged.

    I can only recommend 2 companies on this one.

    The first is who I bought my property from in the end. 'Dream Homes Portugal' Although they dont sell directly they did take me to a few different places to see what they had to offer.

    Then I advertise my rental with 'Apartment and Villa Rentals' and they gave me some sound advise on who to go with.



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