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Furniture packs and Sharm Bride handover

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by sportbilly008, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. sportbilly008

    sportbilly008 New Member

    Hi all

    Sorry if Im repeating myself. Ive put this thread on aswell.

    I had a long chat to Mostafa from idea4furniture yesterday. He sounded a pretty straight guy and assures me that everyone is pretty much getting the same deal and that all his furniture and packs are top quality. He explained the poor quality packs people have been unhappy with on the Sierra resort were from the developer and a lot of people are now useing him.

    He wouldnt go down on the £6800egp price, but would chuck in the roof furniture(only 1 sunlounger though and a second at 50% discount),upgrade the TV for me and put in silver appliances. He was also pretty flexible with payment and said I could place the order with 30% deposit, a further 30% when I have a completion date and then the final payment once I had sat on the furniture, slept on the beds and am 100% happy!!! I thought this was very fair. He said if we werent happy with anything we could swap it, etc.

    The other thing I was interested to hear was that 70% of his customers are doing all the chooseing over the internet and are only doing one trip out there when their apartment is furnished, the resort is finished and they can have a holiday. I thought I may have to do a trip out to sign papers, sort the furniture etc, then another for a holiday when my apartment is complete??? He seems to think that people have paid maintenance via Sharm Real estates, he can pick keys up from either the developer or them to fit the furntiture packs. Is this the case with every one? I know some of you guys have been out to check over the project, but we really can only afford one trip out this year and would like to walk into a fully fitted out apartment and have a holiday. Its all a bit new to me and Im not sure how the final details will all work with handover. How did this work out at Sierra?

    Please help. Any advise much appreciated

  2. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi on Sierra some have not ben out for handover. Some have taken on Clares holiday homecare and she offers a snagging service where she will check your property when they say it is complete and take pics, do a snagging list and email you the pics and her report. She will be independant. If you are happy then they transfer the maintenance fees and elec and water meter monies to SRE then you can arrange for Mostafa to pick up the keys to start his measuring etc. His workers also cleaned my apartment and washed the windows for me.
  3. sportbilly008

    sportbilly008 New Member

    Claires home care?

    Hi Queenie

    Thanks for your help

    Do you have a contact for Claires home care?

    paying someone to view and snag our own property and take pictures sounds like a good idea and cheaper than flying out.

    Please advise.


  4. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi you're welcome her email is [email protected] or [email protected]
    I really can not recommend her highly enough. she and Mohammed have been true stars and when I am in the UK I have peace of mind that my apartment is being looked after. She checks on it once a week as we are ground floor, checks in and out any guests, arranges shopping trips to get the best prices, tours, does the cleaning and laundry, cleans the windows, takes meter readings, the list is endless.

    Let her know Alison recommended you. She is based in Nabq and has lots of clients on Sierra which is next to you and she knows Sharm Bride.

    You will need to set up an account with her to be able to take her services.

    For me it is peace of mind. We also have signed a contract with her as she is sole key holder to the property. I get a weekly report via email from her once she has done her check - she looks for rat droppings ( if they get in you will have a major problem with them nesting in your furniture ) leaks etc etc.
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