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Furnishing & Renting property in Potimao/Alvor

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by austin, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. austin

    austin New Member

    Hi Everyone

    Just bought our first property in Potimao/Alvor, which we need to furnish throughout, and will rent out until we decide to move errantly. Furnishing packages are extortionate and therefore need advice on where/who to buy from, someone mentioned use Moviflor - can anyone shed any light on this company? Or any other recommendations.

  2. malachi

    malachi New Member

    I concur with Deakies comments and between Algarve shopping and the shops in the new outlet Park in Portimao you should get everything you need. If you can bring sheets from the UK (careful of bed size with fitted sheets) as the sheets we bought here...creases will NOT iron out!

    There is a great DIY shop in the new retail Park at P...with curtains and lights etc which are very good value.
  3. ClaireW

    ClaireW New Member

    Furniture packs

    I am suprised you think packages are expensive, I have recently brought and furnished a property in Arenal Golf.
    I furnished it with VILLAPAC and after looking at my different options ie; shipping from uk, buying locally I found that the quality of furniture(all solid wood) superior and the price brilliant considering it is all installed for you.
    I went to a uk showroom, spent hours looking with I must say very patient staff (im a libra so i can never make my mind up).
    I needed it quickly so they bent over backwards to install quickly, they did it 2 weeks after payment! Which meant I could rush my first rentals in, they were delighted, it had been set up like a show home.Beds dressed and table laid ect.
    I have since been over to my apartment and cannot fault the quality, the toaster is better than the one I have at home!
    Its a personal choice how you do the furniture but for me a totally hassle free and non costly experience wins hands down.
  4. paulro

    paulro New Member


    There is some good advice here from other contributors.
    We furnished our place from a superb furniture store.
    Directions, pass Modelo (now named something else) on the right so you are going towards Portimao and follow to roundabout where you take the 9 o clock exit (left). Immediately on the left is the store. Ask for Thelma, she speeks good English.
    Pillows from Ikea are good because they come vacuum packed so take up no room in bags. Other than that eveything can be bought easily locally.
  5. curado

    curado New Member


    We are a portuguese based company and we offer removal services between all Europe and Portugal and South of Spain

    We are based near Leiria and with offices in Lisbon, Algarve and Coimbra.

    Please, if you have some friend or yourself that wants to move to Portugal , let me know and we can make an estimate. We offer competitive prices as we take also removals from Portugal to Europe.

    If you have any questions, just call us or send an e-mail back.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    César Curado
    Transportes Senhora da Agonia,Lda
    Mudatudo-Transportes Senhora da Agonia
    International Removals
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