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French taxes

Discussion in 'French Property' started by ismael, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. ismael

    ismael New Member


    We are looking at moving to France later this year and currently gathering info so that we are prepared.

    I have obtained the French tax rates but one thing I don't understand is are families taxed as a single unit or are both parents taxed separately?

    Next, if the tax paid in Australia on our retirement income is higher that the tax liability in France do we get a rebate?

    Lastly, how long do we have to be living in France before we get taxed by the French government?

  2. sextant

    sextant New Member


    First if you are interested by French taxes, I strongly advise you to contact a specialist. It is the most complicate subject in France and even French people have difficulties to understand the system.
    It is also a national sport to get away from paying taxes by using so called "niches fiscales" they are numerous in France and allow you to legally pay less taxes.

    If you have an income in France you will have to pay taxes from day one and do not forget that France have signed agreement with most countries so you do not pay the same taxes in your country and in France.

    I hope my few lines help you

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  3. DPA France

    DPA France New Member


    The thing to remember is that if you become a French resident you will be subject to the requirement of an annual tax declaration on your global income. The definition of "French Resident" is normally based at the first level on the answer to the question "where is the location of your fiscal interests".

    As sextant have suggested, the only way to be sure is to get expert advice. Do a search for companies such as Blevins Franks who offer excellent advice to people in just your situation.

    Good luck!
  4. estate

    estate New Member

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  5. buyingallover

    buyingallover New Member

    Definitely get a specilist, otherwise you will have immense problems.

    Plus, as I think someone already said, the niches fiscales can make a big difference in a country with such high taxes.
  6. odond

    odond New Member

    100% in agreement, the tax system in France is complicated and you do need help if your taxes go outside the basic lines. It can only benefit you and you will pay less taxes this way
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