Free house in the Dordogne to rent for the right person

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Hey all,
Are you an Electrician, Plumber or have any other useful trade? If so we have a large house in the Dordogne which we are prepared to let for free. Our previous tenants are about to move out as they have bought a property nearby. Therefore the house is absolutely fit to live in but will benefit from some modernization. It is a large house and former guesthouse/restaurant in a popular tourist location.

We have spoken to the Mayor of the village and he says he is desperate for more tourist accommodation in the village and would support a new guesthouse venture.

Thanks in advance


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Hello Hunter,
Can you give a little more information please. I am a carpenter by trade, but I am also a technical member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors , the Institute of Clerks of Works with a post grad diploma in building conservation.
I am looking to relocate to France with my wife & son and ultimately set up in practice as a surveyor. We may be interested in your project but would need to know more about it.
Many Thanks
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