France - When am I classed as resident?

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Hi Friends,

Now that the resident permit 'carte de sejour' is no longer required, at what point do I become considered a resident of France?
I'm selling up in the UK and will be purchasing a property in France Oct 2006, moving in Nov (I hope).
For the purpose of legal issues & in relation to my 'will' am I to presume I am a resident of France upon my arrival in Nov 06?

Is it possible to sort a French 'will' ahead of my departure?

Thanks very much for any advice!


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Hello Camden

My current understanding is that you will be considered resident in France if you spend more than 185 days of the year there. Can anyone confirm that (and what that means while you're there for those first 185 days)?



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Hey Camden,
I believe that under certain circumstances you can be deemed resident for tax purposes after 90 continuous days in France and definitely if you spend more than 183days in one calendar year.

Taking the dates you've given into consideration, what I would like to know is will you be considered resident for tax purposes for the whole of 2005 (the French tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December)? I believe the UK may consider you resident for tax purposes for the year to 5 April 2006 - I may have misinterpreted this but their literature says that non residency status applies only to whole tax years.

From what I have read, the timing of your move is important to get right with regard to taxation from both UK and France.

Good luck and hope all goes well with your move.
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