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France cluster

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by panchal, May 15, 2007.

  1. panchal

    panchal New Member

    Has anyone got any news regards the handover of FRANCE cluster.

    No new at all since the last information that handover was for April 2007.

    What is going on!!!!!
  2. panchal

    panchal New Member

    Any news on the handover from Nehkeel???

    Please anybody bought in FRANCE please advise if you have any contact/letters from thier agents??
  3. Ameer

    Ameer New Member

    I sent several emails to Nakheel about the hand over this year if any but as usual they simply ignored them. Sometimes I wonder how these people keep developping new projects while they have problems to attend to the existing ones!!!!
  4. suhailf

    suhailf New Member

    I have just received an intimation from the building owners of the handover date of P5 as 17-Jan-08 and asking us to pay 19,198/- as the maintenance fees and land registration fees for 1-BR. The strange thing is that until the last time I spoke to the owners' representative (a week ago) he insisted that there are no further charges that need to be paid by us and Land registration could be done by us later by us after the handover.

    I think this is a rip-off because:
    1. They are charging 11.7 psf maintenance which exceeds some of the luxury developments in dubai
    2. They are charging for Insurance and Affection Plan which are the owner's responsibility
    3. Land Registration charge - 2%. The fee from Land department is supposed to be 1% from owner and 1% from purchaser
    4. Administration charges of 3,000/- which they have no right to charge.

    If you have contacts of other people in the building we should join hands together and not pay the fee and instead jointly protest. My mobile no is 050-6588029
  5. Iang

    Iang New Member

    France sector P27 - Handover

    I have just been informed that handover of my unit will be in two weeks but surprise surprise they want more fees from me, they have stated that maintenance is AED 11.64/ft2 which seems different from what other people are saying, they have also asked for the following:-

    Affection Plan Charges 850.00
    Facilitation & Liasion Fees 3,000.00
    Title Registration Fees 5,550.00
    Land Processing Fees 120.00
    Delayed Payment Fees 1,353.00

    Is anyone aware of these fees and are they entitled to them, as far as I can see there is no mention of them in the contract

    I have also asked them about compensation as handover is over one year late and the contract only covers for delay up to 12 months.

    I have told them that I will not pay until they give me full justification and show me where I agreed to these charges but I would appreciate any comments from anyone who has had the same demands.
  6. suhailf

    suhailf New Member

    Handover fees

    Dear iang666, yes there is no mention of any of these fees in any of the contracts. But as unit buyers we are held against the wall because we do not really have much of choice if we want the apartment on time. Did you get the calculation of the 5550 title registration fee? We are supposed to pay only 1% as buyers and 1% should be paid by the sellers as per the law, but who cares. In my case I was asked to pay 2% entirely. The building owner staff says that if we want to dispute the charges we may go ahead, but what's the point, any delay will affect only the buyers. The sellers have anyway got their 100%.
    So, in which building have you got your apartment? Who is the owner? When is the handover? Lets discuss this if you want to; my cell no is: 050-6588029


  7. Iang

    Iang New Member

    Hi Suhailf, it would seem then that i have no choice but to pay it although I am still waiting for Gowealthies reply but I do not expect that they will compromise.
    My one bed flat is in P27 and I have been told that it will be ready around the 31st jan. I will wait for a firm date before i book flights as I have had to many wrong dates given in the past.

    The building owner is Mohammad Sadiq Surya which came as a bit of a shock as I thought I had brought from the developer, it seems nothing is straightforward in this project.

    They are expecting me to pay 1.5% for the registration. They have not yet told me what the delayed payment fees are as I have paid on time.

    I will be glad to get this finally out of the way and move on. I agree that we should all stand together and refuse to pay but you will find that the majority pay up and this will leave us exposed. Reading the thread on Persia it would seem that those who query are told that they will loose their property and just get their money back which after all this time I do not want to happen.
  8. suhailf

    suhailf New Member

    Hi iang, From what I know Gowealthy is a reputed agent, so considering that they are charging you those fees, I feel "less" cheated now :)
    Some facts you need to consider:
    1. There could be a delay of about a week, due to heavy rains in dubai and most business remaining shut. My apartment which was to be handed over on 17-Jan will now be given on 24-Jan (hopefully)
    2. Title registration was 1.5% earlier, but about a year ago, the law has changed to 1% (buyer) + 1% (seller) Ref:
    3. The apartments in Int'l city are not directly sold by the developer (Nakheel) but instead the developers have sold entire buildings only. The building owners then sell the individual units in the market directly or through an agent.

    I tried to garner support against my building owner who was charging 2% title registration and admin fees of 3000 (which is seller's responsibility), but in the end I gave up as people (unit owners) are too busy to fight back especially when there are no firm laws governing these transactions. After a long wait most people are simply relieved to receive the handover and dont want to delay further. so I guess you would need to go with the tide as well.
  9. suhailf

    suhailf New Member

    By the way, the maintenance charge for my apartment (in P5) is 11.69 psf. When I first purchased it through an agency named Vista, I was told the charges would be AED. 6 psf only.
  10. Iang

    Iang New Member

    Hi Suhailf, getting support from a group of strangers who are based all around the world would be a very difficult task and the building owners know that. At the end of the day we will all pay, feel bitter for a while and then put it down to experience and hopefully enjoy our property. for myself I will keep asking questions to be as difficult as possible and then pay and look forward to a trip to Dubai to take handover and escape a wet UK winter for a while.

    Thanks for the advice on handover and I hope that yours goes smoothly, I will hold off with the flight booking for a while.

    With regard to maintenance we will know in the future that where costs are estimated then they only go one way and that is up

    CJGEORGE New Member

    Apartrment For Renting

    Ic P18 One Bed For Renting Aed 60k;)
  12. qureshi

    qureshi New Member

    need apartment

    helo dear
    i need one bed for rent
    and studio for sale
    any body have please ive me detail
    rashad Qureshi
  13. qureshi

    qureshi New Member

    hello dear
    dear for noral size bed room rent is 55k 3 payments
    if u r agree in this price than i can arrange client
    Rashad Qureshi
  14. panchal

    panchal New Member

    VISA/Residency new Law in Place??

    HI everbody,

    What is the latest freehold visas law that will affect most of the foreign owners.

    How will this affect me as my property is not registered and I am now struggling with my agent who is taking me for a ride.

    What if anything can I do???

    Any advise will be much appreciated.

  15. zombie

    zombie New Member

    Hi guys, would like to know if any one has news about title deeds for Q7 in the French Cluster, I bought one on MOU & would like to know.
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