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France Cluster

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by panchal, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. panchal

    panchal New Member

    Hi Everybudy,

    I am being ignored by my agent in dubai who refuses to reply to my Emails, and also my telephone calls.

    I was also told by another recent visiter to Dubai IC, that most of the property cannot be released to purchasers becouse the contracts have to be signed at Nakheel.

    Can anybody please advise me what is the truth.

    If anybody now leaving in the IC France cluster are their empty unites that have not yet been handed over???

    This is very imported to me so please help!!!.

  2. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Nothing like that. What are the building and flat numbers.
    I will find out and let you know if somebody is occupying the flat
  3. panchal

    panchal New Member

    Hi georgihh,

    The only details I have is Q3 Unit 226.

    Can you please let me know what you can find out.

    Much appreciate your help.

  4. alden

    alden New Member

    we also have a property in france sector in Q3, we have had our property rented out for approximatly 3 months, we have just returned from a visit to i/c and found that quite a few properties were occupied. if we can help answer any other question for you please post it as we understand how concerning it can be.
  5. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    The building is occupied but your flat has no power and is most probably empty.
    I don’t know why. Is this building belongs to Nakheel or has been sold to a private owner.
    Have you paid everything?
  6. panchal

    panchal New Member

    France Q3

    Many thanks georgihh and Alden,

    I may need to take some Legle advise as I have no feed back from handing agent.

    Any advise would be a helping hand i.e if you an please update me if you are visiting the IC Q3 building.

    Much appreciated.


    What is the rental Income on these Q3 flates????
  7. sharim

    sharim New Member

    current rent is 80k for 1b/r & 60k for studio

    Current rent is 80k for 1b/r & 60k for studio in International City. I saw ur few posts and I am really sorry that ur agent has not given u proper service. I m a rera registered agent, so I will suggest u to always deal with rera registered agent coz rera is very much strict on the service part you can even complain about the agent in rera online website is]. For any further need plz feel free to contact me. my mobile no is 00971557414527. I may rent out or sale out ur property if u wish to rent or sale. thanks n regards- Sharim Ali
  8. panchal

    panchal New Member

    Thanks Sharim,

    What whould you do in my situation, I was told to make an official complaint to the Police in Dubai of the Acting agent's conduct, Further also complain to the "Nakheel's " General Manager requesting that they investigate why I have not been handed the Keys or any kind of official handover information.

    As I said any input from you will be appreciated.

  9. sharim

    sharim New Member

    hi, nothing to worry u just email me the 1st page of nakheel. My email id is [email protected] yahoo. com. I will let u know the current status of ur flat.


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