Fractional Ownership Saidia

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I have a 4 bed 3 bath villa on golf bought off plan now finished and ready,
However I have changed my personal plans and think this may be the best way forward. I only need to use the property 4 to 6 months of the year but don't like the idea of renting out in weekly or fortnightly intervals.
I have looked into the true Fractional Ownership principle (not time share).....and think its a better idea for me.

Basically you would become a part owner of the property for an agreed number of months per annum.

The property would be available for the summer months mid June to Mid September say, ('the Beach quarter') and again in the winter possibly from mid November to mid February ( the Golf Quarter).
Alternatively a straight split two ways from June to November would be available.

I would like some feedback on this idea from any interested parties.


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Alex do you have any up to date photos of the villa and its immediate surroundings
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