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At Landlord Smart we provide specialist lease finance, helping landlords just like you to fund furniture and other assets in their projects. There are numerous benefits to using our services:
• No upfront capital needed so you can invest your cash in other projects.
• Costs are typically spread over a three-year term.
• Claim 100% tax relief on our fees and monthly payments as a ‘before tax expense’.
• Achieve the standard you want without worrying about the cost.

• At the end of the three-year period, choose to continue use or renew your lease.

Landlord Smart was designed by landlords for landlords. We know the pain of finding cash to pay for capital items and the negative effect this has on your business’ cash flow, followed by years of waiting to ‘perhaps’ get the money back via capital allowances. The specialist lease finance service we offer takes away that pain and pays for costly capital items such as furniture, leaving you with manageable monthly payments that are allowable ‘before tax expenses’, meaning you’re running your business in the most tax efficient way!
To pre-qualify for our service you must be running property as a business, either as a limited company or an LLP. You, a business partner, or guarantor must own at least one property (this doesn’t have to be your own home) and you must be looking to spend a minimum of £2,000. You should allow 2-3 weeks for your application to be processed and also factor in your chosen supplier delivery lead times.

Being introduced to Landlord Smart as a young property entrepreneur was a real lifeline for me as I was struggling to raise the necessary upfront capital. Landlord Smart have made it very easy to get finance to furnish our serviced apartments and we’ve used them three times over the past few months. Our cashflow business has reaped the rewards from the smaller incremental payments, not to mention the tax benefits!
Ashley Weekes
Pure Luxury Living

Landlord Smart Lease Finance has helped keep £13,000 in our business AND we were reimbursed £16,000 for purchases that had already been made. This is definitely the best way to finance furnishing our projects -it’s tax efficient and we can now use that cash to grow our business.
Andi Cooke & Lloyd Girardi
White Box Property Solutions Ltd

We have just set-up our first serviced accommodation in Leeds and wanted a luxury finish, however cash was tight and we were struggling to achieve the results we wanted. Through Landlord Smart we were able to reduce our start-up costs significantly with their lease finance service AND we have achieved the right finish so we can now charge a higher nightly rate. Thank you Landlord Smart!
Siobhan Callaghan
Brighter Property Solutions Ltd


To find out how much leasing may cost you, you can use our payment calculator. We also have our own forum here on where our team are available to answer any questions you might have, for free. Simply post a question here for more information.
Alternatively, read more about us on our website here.
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