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Have you ever dreamt of owning your dream place in the sun whilst making a fantastic investment?

Our repossessed, discount spanish properties are an ideal way of owning your dream place at a fraction
of the price and all are available with 110% financing meaning no deposit. We have a massive variety
of locations, and property types to suit everyone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity
to own exclusive properties in one of the most desired areas of the world.

Our monthly newsletters give you advice and tips on how you can make your dream of owning a
property in the sun come true. We own our own portfolio of properties in the UK and in Spain. Please

click to view our website with a little bit more about our company and what we offer.

We have a dedicated, small friendly team that work in the UK and in Spain that work to deliver a client
experience like no other. Please click the link to be introduced: [email protected]

"The Europa Estates team are friendly, efficient and are with you every step of

the way of the purchase, and after the completion to help" - Client Testimonial

• Marbella - Luxury Villas and apartments

• Condado- Beach resorts, golf resorts, beach resorts, pool/inland.

• Murcia Beach resorts, Golf resorts, Beach resorts, pool inland

For any free advice then please send an e-mail to
[email protected] or call 0114 249 1744 or alternatively fill
out the enquiry form and one of team will contact you.

Louis’s top 4 tips for renting out your Spanish property:

1.) Appearance
Make sure your property is furnished and staged correctly.
Often it is the little things that can make the difference (towels,
nicely folded, candles supplying bath items for guests upon arrival.

2.) Pricing
The pricing should reflect the quality of the apartment / Villa and the time of year.
For example your travellers should be getting value for money for the time of year,
having a good experience at a reasonable price means they will be more likely
to recommend to friends/family and other travellers.

3.) Advertising & Marketing
Advertising your property in the correct places is the best way of ensuring maximum
profitability from your property. We can arrange for properties to be rented
through our great network, other great places include: Golf clubs,
property / holiday forums, friends/ family local estate/ letting agencies

4.) Organisation
Being successful in property requires great organisation and patience.
Forward planning is essential to make sure you are achieving the best possible rental
figure from your property. Minimising void gaps between tenancies is key. Teamwork
Successful portfolio landlords will very rarely work by themselves, they will have a small
team, each with a role to play. Building a great team of maintenance, tradesman and
managers is a must to make sure you and your tenants benefit.

Why Choose us?

• What separates us from other property agencies?

We understand that most of our clients will of bought properties in the UK, but many
will not own properties abroad. Our small friendly set up gives you the same control
and confidence you would have buying a property in the UK.

• Strong Tourism

Spain remains as one of the most popular touristic attractions worldwide. During 2014
the number of visitors reached 65 million, 5 more million than in 2013, just behind the
US and France. Spain is also host to many great golf resorts and courses.

• 110% Financing

110% financing is not a thing of the past, this is still available on all of our properties.
No deposit means no financial constraints for you. We work closely with our banking
partner to secure your dream property at the best possible price.

• Price increase potential

There is a big possibility that your investment will increase in value within the next
10,20,30 years. With most of the uncertainty in the market gone, the properties we have
to offer are up to 30% below market value.

Would you prefer to buy in the USA?

Our sister company Property Invest Partners is an international investment group specialising in buying below market value property investments in Florida, USA. Our process is based on buying houses at the lowest price possible, forcing appreciation by renovating to add value, then reselling the property below market value so that it goes fast and completing the whole process within 100 days.

We share our expertise and success with people who choose to partner with us, leaving them in complete control of their money and investment style. Take a look at our latest deals and find out more about us here.​
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As Spanish banks attempt to reduce their repossessed property portfolios, I guess there must be a number of discounted property deals out there? Knowing where to look and which ones offer best value is a little more tricky for the average private investor.