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Foreigner Registration Entering Bulgaria

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by chandler, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. chandler

    chandler New Member

    Hi All,

    This is the official wording on registration on entering Bulgaria from my friend in the Bulgarian Embassy.

    New requirements enter into force on 1 January 2006 related to the address registration of foreign nationals in Bulgaria.
    According to information provided by the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior, important amendments will enter into force on 1 January 2006 related to the address registration of foreign nationals in Bulgaria.
    Pursuant to Article 18, Para 1 of the amendments, upon entry to Bulgaria foreign nationals will be required to state in a written form the aim of their visit and the address they will be staying at, by completing an address registration form for that purpose.
    Foreign nationals passing transit or exiting Bulgaria within 24 hours will not be required to fill in such address registration form.
    In compliance with Article 28, Para 3 of the Foreign Nationals Act, physical or legal persons who have provided accommodation to foreign nationals will be required within 5 days to inform thereof the service for administrative control of foreigners or the respective local police station, by providing information on the name, the date of birth, the nationality, the number and the series of the foreign national?s ID document.
    Under Article 28, Para 4 of the amendments, hotel keepers and their staff will be required, upon providing accommodation to foreign nationals, to promptly register them in a special register. Hotel staff will be required to provide the information on the accommodated foreign nationals to the service for administrative control of foreign nationals or to the respective local police station on a daily basis by 6 o?clock a.m.

    The amendments to the Foreign Nationals Act will enter into force on 1 January 2006.
  2. marc

    marc New Member

    I know there is a lot of conflicting information (but this is Bulgaria)

    My girl Friday always takes us to re register at the immigration office which is in Varna, attached to the Police station but no police in there, now I have my D Type visa and last Friday I went there and applied for my Bulgarian ID which will entitle me to stay on a long term basis and this then enables me to come go as I please as long as I am in country for at least six months and a day out of a twelve month period.
    As far as I am told by my girl in the visa office you must re-register at the Visa/Immigration office on re-entering the country (they no longer deal with this at the airport) if you are on a Visa A,B,C or D, the only exception to this is if you have a Bulgarian ID Card which is very worth applying for!!!
    I am surprised that you have been told otherwise but sometimes the Police don't know everything as these things tend to filter down slowly! Better to be safe than sorry. It is simple now you have D Type.
    I got this information from the cousin, of a girl who works in my office, who works in the Embassy in Bucharest and we have used this method for 5 people who all wanted to stay here long term. I have placed another post on the site which covers this procedure

    I'm sorry don't know if there is a paper in central area, but our girl who edits the paper would be more than happy to accept an entry from you about your experiences in Bulgaria good or Bad wherever you are I believe that Quest, who post on this site, are based in Sofia which may be a little closer, or perhaps a few of you should get together and try to start one, I used to do it when I was a soldier and on short term postings in Northern Ireland and Bosnia.

    Hope this helps and doesn?t confuse situ any further if you want any more advice PM me and I will pass on my phone number.
  3. tzvetanka mcfadden

    tzvetanka mcfadden New Member

    It doesn't matter anymore as BG is part of EU.
  4. Sofia Casa Ltd.

    Sofia Casa Ltd. New Member

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    You don't have to worry now we are in the EU. It used to be a real drag you hadf to have a company and or a fortune in the bank and had to pay 500lv. to the authorities and unless your BGN is fluent hire the services of an administrator to guide you through the beureacratic process, the only thing was that you got a nice card like a UK driving licence now that ther is no money in it for them you get a scrap of laminated paper and are officially required to trapse around with your valauble passport in tow! But it is best to photocopy the passport and carry it with the ID card rather than risk losing original.:) If you need help and advice relocating don't hesitate to get in touch we offer this service and can help you settle in and even find you a decent pad!
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