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  1. Erik C.

    Erik C. New Member

    Hi there,

    Anybody on this forum who lives in Florianopolis?
  2. Erik C.

    Erik C. New Member

    Great, maybe you can help me. We want to move there but I do not know the place well enough to know where best to look for a house. What are the nicest residential areas? We are looking for a nice quiet area with good internet access etc. Do you have any suggestions?
  3. Erik C.

    Erik C. New Member

    Most likely buy. Lagoa sounds good. Thank you for taking the time.
  4. Erik C.

    Erik C. New Member

    Hi robh,

    I guess the price I am willing to pay depends on the house. The more it meets my needs the more I am willing to pay. If I would say I only want to spend X amount I might miss out on the perfect house around the corner that costs X+ 20%. So I look for a property and then decide whether or not I am prepared to negotiate a deal.
    So the budget depends on the property, not the other way around.

    I will be looking for a good location, Min. 250 M2 build, 3+ bedrooms, nice plot with views and privacy, high quality construction in excellent condition.
  5. Erik C.

    Erik C. New Member

    [Like I said, it depends on the property. If all the boxes are ticked, yes.
  6. pri_from_recife

    pri_from_recife New Member

    You should be a bit more specific, too, about what you're looking for.

    Think about the location, how close do you want neighbours?

    Answer this: for what purpose are you buying a house?


    What's most important to you about the property?

    and then include those answers when you talk about the property from now on, because you'll see a much more concise, tailored selection.

  7. Erik C.

    Erik C. New Member

    Why am I buying a house? To live in it.

    What is important about the property?

    "I will be looking for a good location, Min. 250 M2 build, 3+ bedrooms, nice plot with views and privacy, high quality construction in excellent condition."

    It seems pretty clear to me.
  8. Balneario Camboriu

    Balneario Camboriu New Member

    Hi Erik,

    I know you said you were looking for a property in Florianopolis but would you consider somewhere like Balneario Camboriu? I have a property in praia do Estaleiro, 450 sqm built, almost 14000 sqm plot., finished to a high standard, seaviews and very private.

    I can't post the link to the website here yet, unfortunately.

    Let me know if you think you might be interested.

    Sorry if I might have intruded on your post,

    Many thanks
  9. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    I lived in Floripa for 3 months. If you plan on living there long term (more than 6 months) I would highly recommend that you get a place in the city rather than the Lagoa. Lagoa is nice and busy during high season (december to March) but after that its pretty quite. To live long term city center/downtown area is the best. Lagoa is ok if you are a beach person who just wants to relax in the beach all the time...the logao center has lots of bars and restaurants with live music going every day but that is only during high season. You will be bored during the low season.

    Also, if you want to buy be careful when you deal with agencies online. You will most likely pay lot more. it is best to get a local friend or a brazillian friend that you know well to help you out rather than going through strangers. Most property in the affluent areas of floripa are over priced in my opinion.

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