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Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by mitico67, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. mitico67

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    As I'm considering to invest in a property in margarita, I'd like to know which countries offer flights to the island. I need to understand where the potential turist markets will come from.:)
  2. Olly

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    Though it's a beautiful island are you sure you want to invest your hard-earned money where the President has an amazing track-record for nationalising and acquiring whatever takes his fancy.

    Read the Forign Office advice about visiting President Chavez's dictatorship along with the CIA World Factbook and maybe you'll reach a sensible decision.

    Good Luck whatever you decide...:)
  3. mitico67

    mitico67 New Member

    after 206 viewing I thought a little more info to have come especially from the forum partecipants who are living there. I received a lot of info on the Brasilian forum but it seems not to be much interest on Margarita. Is it so bad ? Hopefuly I 'll visit at the end of the month as I had to postpone my visit for personal reason. It would be great if expat and local resident living in the island would start few threads of useful info. If anyone interested in Margarita would like me to check something when I'll be there just ask. thanks
  4. Bond Girl

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    Hi Mitico67,

    Sorry have not seen you post earlier.

    With regards to the flights:

    The duration of UK direct flights to Isla Margarita Porlamar airport are approximately 9 and half hours from Gatwick (every other Wednesday) and Manchester (every second Thursday) with First Choice.

    Packages can be purchased to stay in any of the following destinations: Pampatar, Playa Puerto Cruz, Playa El Agua, Porlamar, Playa Caribe, Playa Tirano, Playa El Humo.

    One may find bargain flights from with Air 2000.

    Prices vary usually from £300 to £800 but some low cost carriers are already flying to other Caribbean destinations for £99 single so it shouldn’t be long before these prices are also charged for Margarita Island routes.

    Alternatively one can book a regular flight (with Air France, Iberia, Alitalia, Conviasa, Air Europa, Condor, KLM, Lufthansa and TAP Portugal) to Caracas from any major city and then connect to Isla Margarita with one of the many daily shuttle flights lasting 35 minutes. Flights are available from North America with American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Aeropostal, Continental Airlines and Air Canada.

    Tourists are predominantely from Venesuela, Canada, the USA, Germany, some Eastern European countries, the UK.

    Just be careful how your pay for your property in Margarita and make sure you have a good solicitor. Our website has a very extensive FAQ section.

    As to the comment on ex-propriation, so far it did not happen in Margarita and very slim chance of it hapenning. What about the compusory purchase in the UK?

    If you need further help, just PM me.
  5. KDJX

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    Any board lurkers out there buying at the La Ensenada on Margarita development ? Building work is slow but properties are already re-selling with a healthy uplift in price.

  6. mitico67

    mitico67 New Member

    Thanks Bond girl for the info. I'm in the middle of purchasing a property in London as soon as I complete I'll send you a PM as I'm interested in buying at Margarita. I gave up on Brasil for the moment
  7. Bond Girl

    Bond Girl New Member

    Good luck with your property purchase in London, Mitico67!

    I looked at Brazil myself as well, in my personal opinion islands perform better as there is so much one can build. Look at Cyprus, Caribbean islands.

    Would be happy to help you on Margarita when you are ready.
  8. BPR

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    Margarita Investments in Real Estate

    I live on Margarita, and I've been helping people relocate here for a few years, so I think I can say I know a bit about this place.

    First, don't bother listening to scare stories about how we have a dictator and that you'll lose your property. A private residence that one lives in is almost untouchable in Venezuela, and if it's registered as a casa familia (principal residence of a family) it *is* untouchable. Property expropriations have been either businesses or agricultural land, and they've been paid fair market value, and they have been on the mainland- not on Margarita.

    Margarita Island is the vacation and investment location for everyone who is anyone in Venezuela, and that cuts across political lines. Not only is Margarita the safest place in Venezuela in terms of crime, it's also the safest in terms of investment because there is political pressure to keep this place stable and safe. That isn't going to change. Anyone living on Margarita has far more civil liberty and enforceable rights than a person living in the UK, Canada or the US. Here, living is really cheap and you're free.

    If you're going to invest here, invest in Costa Azul, Pampatar, Jorge Coll or the surrounding areas. That's where the Venezuelan tourists want to stay when they come. Over 70% of the tourists who come to Margarita are Venezuelans, and the others are a mixed bag of Europeans and Canadians. The Venezuelans come here to party and relax, and they want to be close to the restaurants, bars, discos and the Sambil Mall. This is the area that has great support from the local property market (over 90% of all property is purchased by Venezuelans) and it's got the best locations on the island as far as property investment goes.

    La Ensenada is a beautiful development on the wrong side of the Island. It's very close to La Guardia, the armpit of the Island. Maybe it's a nice place if all you want is a place to disappear and plan to spend a week or two there without ever leaving. If you want to live there, it's a completely different story: you'll be driving a minimum of half an hour to get to the Porlamar/Pampatar area which is where all the services and decent stores are. If you buy in there and want to sell later, you'll have to find another foreigner to buy it because no Venezuelan is going to pay those kind of prices to live next to La Guardia.

    Most foreigners look at a few pictures of an ocean view and think they're in heaven, but when it comes to actually living in a place you want to have the things you want on a regular basis to be close to you, and that's why the area of Pampatar is the best location on the Island: that's where everything you'll want is located. That's also where the Venezuelans will pay top prices for property- because that's where they want to be.

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