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Fiscal Number

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by gabriel, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. gabriel

    gabriel New Member

    hi all,
    I am quite confused...! Moving to Portugal in Januray seemed a relatively simple thing to do but I am constantly being told conflicting pieces of information. Wondered if any one could help me on some of these points.

    Firstly I am aware that we have to get a residence permit. But also a fiscal number, where and how do I get these, can it be done before our move over there.

    I also have questions abbot setting up a business and I am unsure of paperwork etc and I am struggling to find anyone who can help me.

    Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated, we are both quite young and taking a very big step, not to mention risk (although my boyfriend wouldn't admit to that part).
  2. harrison

    harrison New Member

    hello gabriel,
    Welcome to the expat forum and good luck with your move to Portugal. We were given our fiscal numbers by our lawyer when we purchased the land to have our house built. Are you buying, or renting. A good lawyer (not ours) will be able to advise you. You need to fiscal number to do almost everything, including opening a bank account so you need to talk to your lawyer asap.
  3. gabriel

    gabriel New Member

    Thanks for that. We are hoping to rent to begin with. Do you know if we can get a fiscal number before arriving in Portugal because as you said before opening a bank account you need one and I have been told that we should open a bank account before we move.
  4. countryside Algarve

    countryside Algarve New Member

    Hi Gabriel
    Your Lawyer will normally sort out the fiscal card for you, this is your tax number in Portugal you will need this for many transactions, including any property purchase. The laws here have changed on opening Bank Accounts, you will need a Full birth certificate, utility bills from uk, fiscal number and passport.
  5. abelhas

    abelhas New Member

    you are right about conflicting advice, my insurance broker has 3 lawyers in the hope that 2 of them will agree :)
    getting a numero de contribuinte is easy, takes 5 minutes in the tax office, and 3 weeks later your card arrives (you may need an address in portugal - friend's, solicitor, agent?).
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