Finally Moving to India ? Kolkata

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Hi everyone,
I would like to get some advice about what to expect as I and my wife intend to migrate to Kolkata in the next two years.
I am an Indian, born in the UK and I've had enough of the RatRace!!

My wife is Indian and she owns a house in Kolkata already.

How easy is it to officially settle in Kolkata, any issues I should know about?

I would appreciate any help especially the legal stuff.

We intend to sell everything in London and take cash with us (in our NRI acct).

What should I look out for regarding the law in India?

Thanks to everyone who replies.


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Hi Gregory,

I am an Indian n stay in HYDERABAD which is the happening capital city of Andhra Pradesh where U.S president had also recently visited.
Though I may not be able to suggest u much about Calcutta but I can tell u tat its a very crowded city, law n orders r also not unto the satisfaction, but as everyone is aware about the corruption in India especially when it's governed by the congress party.
If u want to know some more information about the Calcutta city then pls let me know ur queries, so tat I will try to seek the inform. about the city which could benefit u.
am planning to study MBA in London so can u suggest me anything about the people ,law and order, job tendencies for Indians about the living expense, which are very much necessary for me to know before I set my mind to study in UK.
I will be very thankful to you if you could be kind enough to help me out by advising me few tips about studding in London
Keep in touch

Ashis C

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Hey Gregory,

I am also from Kolkata and living in the UK for the last 6 years. I am really curious to know how it went..did you finally move to kolkata and if so, how do you find it. I have similar plans as I am done with the ratrace as well.

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