Final Payment, Fees,hand over process, land registration and other related articles

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Much confusion over fees and procedures relating to hand over and costs.
Information from Nakheel.
The Big Gotcha in Dubai, check with Nakheel if you believe you are paying fees to an agent that seem excessive. Once you part with your hard earned cash very difficult to get it back!

Final Payment for Unit Owners

According to Nakheel’s unit contract, you will receive 30-day notice of completion from your building owner. During these 30-days, you must pay the remaining 30% of your unit price. Additionally, please prepare the service charges (refer to Service Charge section) and land registration fees.
Your building owner has to fulfill certain obligations to Nakheel such as payments, site visits, building inspection & snagging, preparation of affection plans, and registration of title deed. Upon fulfillment of these obligations, only then will your building owner receive the building keys & subsequently pass them on to you.
Transition Process and Site Visit

As soon as the property is ready, Nakheel will send your building owner a 30-day-notice-of-completion, during which time he must fulfill all his remaining obligations to Nakheel & view the property.

As soon as Nakheel is satisfied with unit registrations, clears your building owner’s payments, and receives all the required documentation, we will have no objection to hand over the keys to your building owner. Provided that you are registered with Nakheel, your building owner will be in a position to forward the keys to you and transfer your title deed. Until the building is ready, no site visits can be entertained for safety & security reasons. Site visits must be arranged by your building owner.

Please ensure that your interests are registered with Nakheel to avoid any delay in the handover process, and to protect your rights.
Registered unit owners will be required to:
• Pay the land department’s registration fee at 1% or 1.5% of their unit price, to the building owner (refer title for unit owners)
• Pay the service charges according to the net area of your unit, to the bulding owner (please ask your building owner for the rate)
• Transfer the DEWA meter into your name by visiting DEWA’s main offices adjacent to the Wafi Shopping Mall, or contacting them on:

Tel: +971 4 324 4444
Fax: +971 4 324 8111
Email: [email protected]
Website: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

The following documents will be required by DEWA from the unit owner to transfer an account:

1. Nakheel’s unit contract
2. DEWA Application Form, including DEWA Consumer Number
3. Passport Copy with Residence visa page
4. Refundable deposit of Dhs 1000 (for Apartments)
5. In case of tenancy – Tenancy contract, certificate of Completion of Payment; Landlord’s Passport Copy and Landlord’s full contact details.
6. Any other documentation DEWA may require.

Contact du Telecom directly or visit their sales offices to arrange activating telephone, internet and cable television services. Your Building is pre-wired, and services will be provided at prevailing rates. du Telecom can be reached at:
Tel: +971 4 360 0000
Fax: +971 4 390 8934
Email: [email protected] for Residential and Customer Services
[email protected] for Business enquires
Web: du Title for unit owners

It is the Building Owner’s responsibility to arrange for the sub-division of the building. It is also the Building Owner’s responsibility to arrange for registration of title to the individual units in the names of the Unit Owners as notified to Nakheel.

The sub-division and affection plans for the units will be provided by Nakheel at a cost of AED 850. This amount will need to be paid along with the final installment by the building owner.

Building owners may call Title Registration Liaison and request the service for building sub-divisions on 04-3644186 or email [email protected] for further information on the sub-division process.

With regard to the title registration, Nakheel is prepared to offer the title registration service for a nominal fee of AED 1,000 (excluding Land Department Registration fees). This includes liaison with the Land Department, financial institutions where the unit is subject to financing arrangements and transfer of title from the Building Owner to the Unit Owner, in coordination with the banks as applicable. Please note that this does not include liaison with the Unit Owners which remains the building owner’s responsibility.

NB: In the interests of all third party Unit Owners of whom we have notice we must have sufficient security for the arrangement for transfer of title from the Building Owner on to them.

Registration Fees:
For all sale agreements registered on or after the 17th of December 2006, the Land Department fee is 1% of the sale price* from the unit owner, and 1% of the sale price* from the building owner.

For all sale agreements before this date, the land department fee is 1.5% of the sale price* from the unit owner and 0.5% of the sale price* from the building owner.

Unit owners will forward all their documentation & fees to the building owner.

Residency Visa

Nakheel will arrange for sponsorship of unit owners who are registered with Nakheel, provided the owner and his/her immediate dependants satisfy the requirements of the UAE Ministry of Interior department or Residency and Naturalisation. Please keep in mind that the following conditions apply:
• the Owner has completed the final payment
• the Owner is not otherwise entitled to sponsorship (i.e. he/she is eligible for an employment visa through their employer or have any business in the UAE)
• the Owner is a person not a corporation. (In the event that the Buyer is a company, Nakheel may, at its discretion, arrange for sponsorship for the occupier of the Property nominated by the Buyer)
• the Owner is responsible for all sponsorship fees and all costs in connections with the sponsorship
• in the event of joint ownership, Nakheel’s sponsored residency is given to one of the joint owners of the property, including their immediate dependents (spouse and children),providing a no-objection letter from all other joint owners of the same property
• the sponsorship shall terminate upon the sale of the property by the Owner
• the visa is issued as an Investor status and employment within the UAE under this visa status if forbidden.
For submitting the required documents & fees to Nakheel’s visa department, please contact us on [email protected]. Unit resale before title

Unit owners holding a Nakheel unit contract may transfer their property before title registration. Please request our fact sheet from Nakheel Customer Care, on tel: 3903333

Nakheel Customer Care

Please contact the Customer Care on 04-390-3333. Your comments/enquiry will be forwarded to Customer Care and responded to in a prompt and timely manner.
Nakheel Customer Care is now operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all residents and owners at International City.
It is important to lodge all requests and queries with Customer Care to assure a prompt response.
When calling Customer Care, please provide the following information to assist your Customer Care Agent to log the request efficiently and accurately.
• Your Name
• Your Property Code or Customer Care Number (CCN)
• Your Community (for example – International City)
• Residential District (for example – China)
• Building Number (for example – C14)
• Apartment Number (for example – Apartment 105)
• Contact Number (mobile and/or landline)
• Nature of your Request

For example, the Customer Care Agent has the capacity to log your request under a number of different categories. For example: Mechanical, Plumbing or Electrical. The system used to manage these requests also has the capability to include any extra notes or specifications.

The details that you provide the Customer Care Agent will allow them to process your request quickly and in accordance with the guidelines provided by various Nakheel Departments.

In particular, the Facilities Management team for International City have provided the Customer Care with detailed courses of action and escalation procedures in order to deal with your requests or concerns.

Utilities & Services

Water and Electricity

Water and electricity is provided by Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA). To register an account, please contact DEWA, or visit their main offices adjacent to the Wafi Shopping Mall.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is the government utilities service company providing water and electricity to International City. You are required to transfer the account from the developer into your name. You should apply in person at the DEWA offices, where you will be required to complete a DEWA application form. There is a standard water and electricity deposit of 1,000 Dhs (refundable). It will take a minimum of three working days for DEWA to make connections.

Contact: DEWA Main Office
PO Box 564, Bur Dubai
Tel: +971 4 324 4444
Fax: +971 4 324 8111
Email: [email protected]
Website: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

The following documents will be required by DEWA to transfer an account:

Copy of Sales Agreement
DEWA Application Form, including DEWA Consumer Number
Passport Copy with Residence visa page
Refundable deposit of Dhs 1000 (for Apartments)
In case of tenancy – Tenancy contract, certificate of Completion of Payment; Landlord’s Passport Copy and Landlord’s full contact details.

Telecommunication & Entertainment Service

Your building is pre-wired. Du will provide telephone, cable television and internet connections to International City residents.

For queries relating to sign-ups contact: 04 369 2182 or log on to the website du

du Telecom contact details:
Tel: +971 4 369 2182
Fax: +971 4 390 8934
Email: [email protected] for General inquires
[email protected] for Residential and Customer Services
[email protected] for Business enquires

Property Taxes

The owner is responsible for all property taxes including all Dubai Municipality fees.
For further clarification please contact:

Dubai Municipality
P.O. Box 67, Dubai
Tel: 04 221 5555
Fax: 04 224 6666
Email: [email protected]
Website : Dubai Municipality Portal

Service Charge Payments & Terms

Service Charges are issued to all unit and building owners and are used to meet the financial obligations of your building and the master community. These funds are required to provide for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the entire development. Your Service Charge has been derived from an audit of expected maintenance requirements, both short-term and long-term, and from which a budget has been compiled by the Nakheel Asset Management Group in association with a specialized facilities management consultant. This budget includes all items of expenditure expected to be incurred in the control, management, administration and maintenance of the common area property of your building and the master community.

Service charges includes maintenance of all common areas and services provided to all residents of IC as follows:

* Waste management
* Road & car park sweeping
* Pest control in common areas
* Landscape & irrigation
* Security Patrol services
* Building common areas cleaning (Janitorial Services)
* Maintenance of roads, walk ways, play grounds
* Street lights, storm water drains & soak ways
* Sewerage system
* Building maintenance, Civil & Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works (Internal & common areas for Nakheel owned buildings & apartments)
* Building Maintenance, Civil & Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works (common areas only for Privately owned buildings)
* Call center service 04- 3903333 (24hours x 7days)
* Maintenance of Fire alarm system & fire equipments
* Shops are provided with basic structure i.e. shop owner to furnish & decorate the shops as per his requirements at his/her own cost.
* All provisions are provided for A/C ducting, cabling, sockets
* A/C outdoor unit to be installed on roof of the buildings
* No maintenance services provided to shops
* All service requests to be registered in Nakheel Contact Centre 04- 3903333

Service charge payments
For future years at least two (2) months prior to the end of each financial year a budget will be presented outlining an estimate of expenditure for the following financial year in respect of the building and master community maintenance requirements together with all administrative, management and other expenses relating to the development, and any amount proposed to be held in reserve in respect of future maintenance, repairs or capital expenditure.

Your invoice for service charges will be issued two months prior to the due date for payment and will be payable in advance for the full 12 month period from January 1 of each year.

Following the end of each financial year, an audited financial statement detailing the actual expenses for the financial year in accordance with Clause 10.1 of the International City Master Community Declaration will be provided to all owners.

Payment Terms
Service charges must be paid in advance for the full 12 calendar months each year. All service charges must be paid before the due date to ensure that your building and the Master Community has the funds available to pay for ongoing expenses as they occur. Late receipt of payments is detrimental to your building and the Master Community’s ability to meet its financial responsibilities. Your building and the Master Community may impose penalties for late payment of your service charges.

If you expect to be away, please arrange for the payment of service charges to meet the due dates.

Service Charge Funds
Your Service Charges are apportioned to an Operational or Administrative Fund, from which the day-to-day running expenses will be accounted, as well as a Capital Replacement or Reserve Fund. This Reserve Fund will accumulate monies to meet long-term major maintenance or capital expenditure requirements. Common to all developments, there is an ongoing need for the maintenance of all common property, including painting, roof repair and replacement, lift and foyer refurbishment and general utilities, as they become required. Your contributions towards the Reserve Fund are put towards this forecast future expenditure.

All monies cumulated in the Reserve Fund will be held in trust, together with interest, for the sole use of the building and the Master Community.

Payment Options
Payments will be managed in the Nakheel Sales Office.
• You may choose to pay by bank transfer, bank draft or cheque
• Please follow the directions on your Service Charges Invoice. If you require any further information please contact the Nakheel Customer Care Centre on
04 390 3333.
• For bank transfers please use the information below:
• Account name:
• Bank: HSBC
• Address:
• Account Number:
• Sorting Code:
• Routing Number:

For all transfers we kindly request that you fax us a copy of the bank transfer advice and swift code. Please write down your name and property number on the fax with the swift code.

The fax number is: 04 368 0612

If an Owner fails to pay his Service Charges in full to the Developer on the due date the Owner will be liable for late payment charges and in addition the action may be taken against the Owner or an encumbrance placed on the Owner’s title to enforce payment of the Service Charge as a secured debt or otherwise institute an action for the recovery thereof in any competent court.

Where any Single Ownership Plot or Unit is owned in the joint names of more than one person, all the registered Owners of that Single Ownership Plot or Unit shall be jointly and severally liable for the due performance of any obligation to Nakheel.

An Owner shall be liable for all legal costs, including lawyers’ fees, collection commission, expenses and other charges incurred in obtaining the recovery of Service Charge arrears or any other arrear amounts due to it, or enforcing compliance with this Declaration or any schedule thereto.

One-Year Defect Liability

Homeowners / Building owners are responsible for notifying Nakheel in writing of any defects before the end of the first year. To report communal area or building defects please complete the relevant form and contact Facilities Management.

These defects will be rectified during the 12 month period. Please be aware that holding up the handover process until all defects are rectified may be interpreted as a breach of your obligations under the PSA. The defects warranty is effective for 12 months and if defects are detected after handover, it is covered for one year from the Completion date.

Please note that any modifications implemented and/or carried out after taking possession may void warranties under this period.

What is covered?

Defects in materials and work.
Defects in material and workmanship in the electrical, plumbing and cooling delivery and distribution systems
Defects in material and work, which result in the detachment, displacement or deterioration of exterior cladding.
Cosmetic surface damage caused during construction is readily noticeable during the Transition Inspection and must be noted at that time. Such damage, including scratches, dents, gouges and tears can also occur during the move-in process or through daily activity. Therefore, after we correct any items noted on the Inspection Form, repair of cosmetic surface damage is your responsibility. Please be advised that this also includes paint touch-ups.

What is not covered?

Defects in materials, design and workmanship supplied by the Purchaser or his/her contract
Secondary damage / consequential damage
Weathering of exterior finishes
Damage to garage caused by the misuse or lack of cleanliness.
Painting or refining of any drywall/plaster repairs
Plumbing stoppages other than those caused by construction debris
Damage of plumbing fixtures due to abrasive cleaners or careless use
Replacement of faucet washers and O rings
Exact colour match of any replacement material
Substantial damages caused by any replacement material
Marble and granite are natural materials and as such graining cracks and colour variations occur naturally and are not defects
Deficiencies caused by homeowner neglect or improper maintenance
Items not reported in writing within the applicable defect liability time frames
Damage from insects and/rodents (Your unit will be sprayed for pest control, prior to completion – follow up pest control is your responsibility)
Damage due to the effects of vandals, acts of God (e.g. floods, high winds) civil commotion, riots, insurrection, or war

Nakheel will respond to service requests during the 1 year defect liability period from the date of completion. For your convenience we have provided you with the necessary forms that can be downloaded. Please note that all requests for service must be submitted in writing to the Facilities Management office.

Please note that we can only accept service requests from the registered owners of the units.

When service work is scheduled at your home, it is your responsibility to ensure that the area to be serviced is accessible; i.e. moving furniture, etc. to allow for repairs to be done. Nakheel cannot assume this responsibility.

Maintenance of Common Areas

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT (FM) will provide several services to the International City community.

FM will be responsible for the maintenance of major equipment such as lifts, building air conditioning units, electrical equipment and fire alarm systems.

FM will conduct general cleaning and facilitate pest control of the building common areas.

Maintenance of the building facades and structures (for example painting of the building exteriors),landscaping, street cleaning and waste management services will also be provided by FM.

In addition, uniformed security personnel will patrol the common areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Security Contact: 04 390 3333
Building Maintenance: 04 390 3333

Repair & Faults

The fault and breakdown repair response service is provided through the Nakheel Contact Center and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In the unfortunate event of an emergency such as flooding, total power failure or no A/C please call the Nakheel Contact Center and they will arrange for a technician to attend and repair as soon as possible.

All non emergency requests will be scheduled for a technician to attend during normal working hours at an agreed time of access on the following day or as soon as possible thereafter.

(24 hours) Please call 04 390 3333


Please be aware that modifications can only be implemented and/or carried out with the prior consent of International City Management.

Kindly contact Nakheel Contact Centre on Tel: 971 4 390 3333 or email to [email protected] for queries on Modification Process.

Please provide the following information at the time of call:

1. Your Name
2. Your Address/location
3. Your Contact Tel No
4. Customer Care Number (CCN) (if applicable)
5. The service required, or fault to report
6. Method of access and convenient dates and times to attend.

A Customer Care Number (CCN) will be computer generated with each request to allow the caller and management to track the request.

Postal Services

As of yet there is no direct home delivery postal service in the UAE. To set up a P.O.Box, you should contact Emirates Post. For more information please contact:

Deira Main Post Office
PO Box 99999 Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04 3340033
Fax: 04 3340333
Web: :: Emirates Post :: The Official Postal Service of UAE
Email: [email protected]

Note: Personal and private mail should not be addressed to P.O. Box 17777.
Nakheel regrets that it cannot take responsibility for any private mail addressed to this P.O. Box number


The cost of insuring your building is one of the expenses met by the funds collected from owners as part of your Service Charges. This Building Insurance policy provides total replacement and reinstatement cover for your building, as well as any common area contents. In the first year, the original building owner is responsible for placing this cover. The funds collected from owners through Service Charges are put toward the Building Insurance for the second year onwards.

Please be advised that the insurance of personal possessions, furniture and other household contents is the responsibility of the occupier of each apartment.

Please be aware of the inclusions and exclusions of your policy.

The Insurance Policy for each building at International City is arranged by Insure Direct. Insure Direct can also provide individuals with advice on coverage of household contents, personal effects and motor insurance.

For more information please contact

Mr. Rajeev Nair
Manager – Small Business Unit
Insure direct (Brokers) LLC
P. O. Box 57006
United Arab Emirates

Te: +971 4 343 8999
Fax: +971 4 343 9666
E – Mail: [email protected]

Please note that Nakheel has no responsibility for owners own insurance arrangements.


New Member
How many days are needed for unit handover.

I am planning to go to Dubai by end of December and would like to know how long
would it take to accomplish everything (land and unit registry and any other stuff).
Thanks a lot.


New Member
How many days are needed for unit handover.

I am planning to go to Dubai by end of December and would like to know how long
would it take to accomplish everything (land and unit registry and any other stuff).
Thanks a lot.
Should take you no more than 2 days to do everything depending on your own schedule.


New Member
Land Registration/Title/Ownership


In the newspapers, the Land Dept is pleading with all property owners to register their properties with them as soon as possible. Apparently, the procedure is very simple and takes a few days. This is the only way you are officially recognised as owning your apartment. I purchased a unit recently in International City - Spain Cluster (Bulding T4). It was a resale and I paid the building owner the total of the unit + Land Dept Costs + Affection Plan and Service Charges. Nakheel say that only the building owner can register the units on behalf of the individual owners - but I want to hurry up and get this done...The building owner (Profile Properties) say it could take months?!!

Does anyone else have a similar issue?

Has anyone registered officially with the Land Dept? If so, what do you get? a certificate of ownership/title deed?

I've tried contacting the Land Dept, but no one ever answers the phone in the Freehold section!

What advise do you have?



New Member

I have been sent the following fees from my building owner, I'm not sure what the 4000AED, and 2,850AED is for? are they just hidden charges by the building owner?

Clearance & handling over charges AED 4,000

Documentation & Legal Fees AED 2,850

Site Affection Plan Charges AED 500

Building owner Admin Fee AED 500

Maintenance charges (10.87 per sq ft) AED 7956.24

Land registration fee (1%) AED 3990

I would appreciate any responses.



New Member
Can anybody help me regarding the process of registering with DEWA. I have just been told that keys for K7 building are ready to collect and had arranged for a friend who lives in Dubai to collect for me (as I live in the UK) by providing a letter of authority. This all seemed fine until I receive an email saying keys will only be handed over AFTER the DEWA account has been transferred into my name. I'm told that I have to do this in person in Dubai and that there is no way around this. Does this sound correct?? My other concern is that it appears to transfer my DEWA account I must show a residence visa in my passport (something I cannot provide as I'm not a Dubai resident). How have others got round this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


New Member
It confused me !!
Residence visa will be provided after title transfer of unit
And title transfer needed residence visa ?!! (DEWA wants residence visa and land dep need DEWA in owner name)

So , .... what , it is crazy circle

I bought an unit in adjman , someone explain clear


New Member
Agents letting for you

Have been quoted aed 30.000 net per year for letting my studio in France sector. His this the going rate ?
Advice would be helpful
Thank you.


New Member
I purchased a one bed in IC persia May 2007. I paid all the fees etc upfront.
I have had no invoices this year for any fees at all.
Does anyone know who to contact?


New Member
Has anyone received regristration of their apartment in IC yet?


New Member
Have been quoted aed 30.000 net per year for letting my studio in France sector. His this the going rate ?
Advice would be helpful
Thank you.
That sounds a bit low. I think it should be at least 40.


New Member
Has anyone received regristration of their apartment in IC yet?
I'm trying to buy an apartment from my landlord in IC. I applied to Tamweel for finance and now my non-refundable deposit is looking doubtful. They gave me the good news that my finance was approved and the bad news that the transaction cannot procede untill the apartment gets a land title.

Dubai Land Authority doesn't seem willing to make a commitment as to when land titles will be available. Months, years - who knows.


New Member
hello i have on question.

Are there in dubai ruls for payment?

i have purchesed an Appartment by alattar in bussiness bay and the company claim the 3th instalment and when i was there i saw it is not even the basem,ent costructed...shal i pay after payment plan or it is after costruction progress?

Or any company could charges money because their payment plan .

can anybody help me?
it means i have paied 40% of payment without to be costructed 5% of building.

please help me to be uptodate about the rules..shal i appoint a lawer or can help me also rera?

thank you,


New Member

Dear ,
you got ask question to the developer are they escrow compline if not when they are going to be and if they have escrow account ask for one than no issue you can go according to payment plan . visit for more information



New Member
hi, th edeveloper has already a screw account?i saw in rera site but i can not find anthing regarding the new rules about payment ...i have tried to tak econtact to them but bobody answer me at telfon...i would be realy thankfull if anybody is so kind and help me to find out what is my right is just unfair to pay40%of paymnet and maybe maybe be completet in 2 or 3 jearsit is not a good investment because i will go without interest of my money and at the end the investment will cost me 1,5 time the basic price...

i will be grathfull for any help.



New Member
Land Registration

Dear All

I have got an apartment in IC Spanish cluster, The apartment was handed over to me October last year and at that time I paid the land registration fee upfront but as yet I haven't heard anything from the company (Profile Props) I brought it from. Has anybody got the registration paper (Title Deed) yet:(. Our building # S8. Any thoughts/guidance/opinion would be highly appreciated.




New Member
interntional city

That sounds a bit low. I think it should be at least 40.
hi just purchased at ic business district throuh rufi can they demand payments if they have not got escrow account as i have refused 2nd payment till they get escrow can they cancel my contract for not paying and keep all the money


New Member
the company has allready screw accoun....can they cancel if i do not pay the 3th instalment because i want to pay after costruction progress??


New Member
Dear All

I have got an apartment in IC Spanish cluster, The apartment was handed over to me October last year and at that time I paid the land registration fee upfront but as yet I haven't heard anything from the company (Profile Props) I brought it from. Has anybody got the registration paper (Title Deed) yet:(. Our building # S8. Any thoughts/guidance/opinion would be highly appreciated.


I have the same problem. I own an apartment in T4 - Spain. Still no title! Nakheel has confirmed that the titles are under process in the Land Dept. but everytime I try to call, no one ever answers the phone?! Ive been waiting since Dec. 2007 so its one year now?! I am with Profile Props too.
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