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feels like badrah not hot!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by starbucks, May 26, 2008.

  1. starbucks

    starbucks New Member

    does anyone know what happened during al badrah launch? looks like buyers feeling cold!!!!!!!!!
  2. jennie1

    jennie1 New Member

    Nakheel should be ashamed of themselves treating investors like they did.

    Totally unprofessional and without an ounce of integrity!

    They CONFIRM three days worth of sales appointments, sell everything on the first day and then let everyone else down by canceling the second two days worth of appointments.

    They could have easily released more stock but no. They are holding the second launch off for three weeks. I guess to see what is happening to the value on the secondary market. So the people who lost out will have to wait and ultimately pay more.

    Developers simply would not behave like this anywhere else in the civilised world. If Dubai wants to compete with the great cities of the world, companies like Nakheel need to learn to bahave like they are based in one.

    Media was there today to cover investors bad experiences.

    Let's see what happens.

    Where you there. Did you buy?
  3. MusTafA_aLi

    MusTafA_aLi New Member

    Hi Everyone...

    I was also there and it was pathetic...if likes of Nakheel is treating customers like that...what should we expect from the rest of the market...

    How can anyone guarantee an investor to fly in for a launch when after a confirmation it can be cancelled at the very last moment...

    Today i saw some chinese people crying with their boarding passes that they flew in yesterday and they found out in the morning at the time of appointment that it was cancelled...they didn't have the decency to let people in...

    I value my investors and would hate to subject them to this sort of treatment...

    I was really embarrassed of Dubai today...

    Really Bad...
  4. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Everything slows down as summer approaches. That is the trend in Dubai.

  5. really_true

    really_true New Member

    Dear this is a Game to Hike prices - phase one test - phase two :) SMILE AT THE RUSH

    phase one ;) pilot project and prrof of concept -- we kan skim off the market
    phase 2 build the hype
    phase three thats the miking time the cash cows come home .

    I know one developer dint even bother to cash cheques a week after booking - coz they were still counting their chickens so my 2 cents

    phase one is for the PROS and ones with the inside conatcts
    phase two select ppl get thr the luck ones if they get what they ask for eg u ask for a shoe size 7 they give u number 9 but buy it still rember u r better off with s hoe hoping phase three is coming that will hike ur prices

    phase three the commoners come in droves still some are left out and they are the ones who are the ones who give the premiums and the speculators who want to hike the prices

    find your corner in this may hem and make hay while the sun shines
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  6. Ali.Hassan

    Ali.Hassan New Member

    hello every1

    why si everyone talking about nakheel that way? 1st of all nakheel wasnt expecting that high demand this way..there were expecting around 500 people and the poeple which came were more than 2000...2nd point is the systems went down!! 3rd point people themselves were not ethically..they were pushing and tell me if those 3 points happend 2 u and u were a manager or employee there..can u handle this situation this fast and satisfy everyone? the badrah project is 1 of the best projects which nakheel released...the per. is expected to reach till 25% in a month..who wont rush and buy?
  7. MusTafA_aLi

    MusTafA_aLi New Member

    Badrah Havoc...

    Hi Ali...

    When Nakheel was so strict about sticking to only 2 units per did u manage to get 7...

    And no wonder u wont talk about nakheel as u got 7...

    This is not the first launch nakheel was they should've been prepared...secondly...they knew how many units will be released accordingly appointments were given out...

    If they can manage to stop the public to enter on the second day...they should've been fully equipped to control on the first day as well...

    Its Nakheel we are talking about...the strongest developer in town...
  8. Ali.Hassan

    Ali.Hassan New Member

    u said it ur self..they managed to keep the public out the 2nd day cause they prepared themselves after the 1st day..while on the 1st day they werent that prepared cause what happend was beyond expectation
  9. jennie1

    jennie1 New Member

    It was not the public. It was people with CONFIRMED sales appointments that were refused.
  10. Ali.Hassan

    Ali.Hassan New Member

    it seems some people misunderstood what does the appointment mean...the appointment which was provided by nakheel wasn’t a confirmation that you would 100% get an apartment. it was a conformation to only be able to enter the sales department and try to buy 1. The investors which didn’t have an appointment weren’t able to get the card to enter the sales department.. The process was as follow:

    Get an appointment
    Enter the sales department and get a card which will allow you to meet a sales representative
    And then you might get an apartment if available!!!

    nakheel didn’t confirm to anyone..

    Please kindly do not just throw unreasonable acquisitions just cause you couldnt have a chance to buy 1.

    Thank you
  11. jennie1

    jennie1 New Member

    Dear Ali,

    I am not throwing unreasonable accusations at all.

    People who had sales appointments for day 2 had emails that said "We are delighted to confirm your sales appointment."

    And, as you said this appointment allows people into the sales centre.

    My point is that people with appointments on the second day were not allowed into the sales centre and only a small amount of the people received emails telling them that there appointment was cancelled.

    So that meant a lot of people had no idea they were cancelled and went to the trouble to get there only to find out they were not allowed in.

    Some people took time off work, others travelled in from other cities in the region and people were even there from China as someone said above.

    Nakheel should have at least taken some of these people into account and judged situations on a case by case basis.

    they are launching more stock in a few weeks. Are you telling me it was impossible to release this yesterday to honour the commitment they made to their own investors???
  12. Ali.Hassan

    Ali.Hassan New Member

    No it’s defiantly not impossible but the 2nd phase in few weeks will have different prices (higher) not each launch has the same prices and specifications! They can’t just release all what they have in 1 day to satisfy everyone. People which came from china or wherever they should have studied the risk of coming and understanding what is the different between an appointment and a confirmation 100% to get an apartment!!
  13. jennie1

    jennie1 New Member


    I agree that no developer should simply release everything to satisfy demand. That s something altogetehr different. I am merely saying they COULD have released a FEW more to honour the appointments. After all, it was there mistake to make too many appointments. And, in the investor's defense, especially the poor OS people, have another read of your email invite. Absolutely nowhere does it state that apartments are subjet to availability. It really does sound like you are almost assured of purchasing if yu so choose. Try and take a balanced view while you have a read.
  14. Doobedoo

    Doobedoo New Member


    I was at the launch and was frankly amazed at the chaos. I was lucky in so far as I got a unit but the process left a lot to be desired - I eventually got a rushed 5 minutes with a sales guy at almost 2pm - my appointment was supposed to be at 9.15am. At that point the maximum of two properties per registration had been reduced to 1 per registration.

    When I turned up at 9am - they were still pre-registering people for 8am appointments and people who were turning up at that point were getting priority - why? Why should people who turn up an hour late for an appointment automatically get priority? More importantly, why were 15 minute purchase slots taking 45 mins or more? Have Nakheel never run one of these before? Of course, we know they have, so my question is what went wrong with Badrah? Why did they a) start late, b) have time slots overrun, c) not manage the numbers of people,...etc etc?

    People say that they were overwhelmed with numbers - why was that? People needed to pre-register so you would've thought that Nakheel should've known to the exact number how many were coming. Why did 2000 people get in if they were only expecting 500? They did a great job of controlling the door from the 2nd holding area to the sales area so why didn't they do a similar thing before people entered the pre-registration area? Someone came up to me to see if I would sell to him before I'd even bought - he said he didn't have an appointment - of course he could've been lying but I suspect there were a LOT of people there just chancing their arm - pushing and shoving and helping to add to the confusion.

    More importantly - when I got through to the sales area, and eventually got to sit in front of a sales person, why were his first words - "we've sold out but they may release more units later"?. What were the marketing people upstairs hoping to achieve by this - was it to allow the sales people time to have lunch?? Maybe they were adjusting prices upwards - but they should've known their strategy before time, especially if they managed the number of people correctly (and they've done this before). Remember Badra is due to have 45k properties - this launch was for 1k - you therefore would've thought that increasing the prices half way through day 1 in phase 1would be largely irrelevant. What are Nakheel's product planners getting paid for??

    I have bought and sold many properties in Dubai - however this was my first launch day experience so my final question is this: have other people on this forum experienced this kind of chaos before - what happened at Veneto for example? Is this market just getting too frothy? Or is it a function of Badrah being a great investment as Ali says - cheap and cheerful, great location,...?? Or rather, is it just Nakheel trying to create a frenzy?

    I don't know but I'd really like to get some feedback from people as to how and why this launch was the way that it was. No rant intended...

  15. mr_danny

    mr_danny New Member


    :rolleyes: so can you secure upon a commision 7 units for me as well on the phase 2 launch?

    ryan at ukoffice dot org

  16. Sally1980

    Sally1980 New Member

    Hi all,

    Having read through the thread about the Badrah launch I must say that i missed out upon the most important issue about this launch. It is for me funny and also typical for Dubai, that you hear some blaming Nakheel for un organized and un ethical treading towards investors or others claiming that it's the investors that are greedy. However what I miss is someone questioning the main purpose of this development and the success of achieving this purpose by Nakheel.

    Nakheel stated that with Badrah "we want to create more affordable options for middle and moderate income buyers." and that "Badrah is an ideal opportunity for a new group of professionals to get onto the Dubai property ladder."

    Both with the way Badrah units were distributed and sold, and the premiums going around in re-sale, I am wondering how affordable this units will be to moderate income buyers...

    Were there any mechanisms (such as no re-sale possibility or others) put in place to make sure this development will reach it's goal, to be a accommodation the middle calss residents in Dubai...

    Please note that I am not criticizing either Nakheel or the Investors, as I know, it's difficult to achieve this, but just wanted to give an other insight to the discussion about the Badrah development.


  17. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    I heard a studio was 700000 Dhs is this true?
    Guys this is not going to last forever if can’t buy direct please don’t buy from the secondary market. At this point I think is gone to far and is going to bounce back.
  18. where is consumer power, forget about Dubai consider other emirates

    I have read through this thread and have been following this game very closely indeed albiet from the UK. Why are investors upset with the unprofessional way Nakheel has behaved. The way I see it is Nakheel = Government = the royal family, who own Dubai and do as they please. I cant imagine this happening in London, Paris or New york etc. If a significant number of us stop investing in Dubai when there are other alternatives even in the same country (if you consider UAE a country) such as RAK etc and for European even the well established cities like Paris has great opportunities, this will certainly make Dubai at least listen if not care. Consider Almarjan in RAK, Cyprus in the EU, Egypt & Morocco in Africa etc. Lets take the heat out of Dubai a little, may be or may not!!!!!
  19. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    This madness has to stop. Today Schon released a bldg in Downtown at around 2800 dhs psf for residential and Dhs 3,100 for commercial. Any sense in these prices.

    We will still have some investors flocking without knowing what they are buying.

    Developers find ways and means of luring investors and there we see suckers going and buying with the intention to flip.

    The market is heating up. When the Seattle market crashed way back, somebody put up a board saying " The last man leaving Seattle pls turn off the lights ".

    Will Dubai come to that :confused:


  20. Doctor Robert

    Doctor Robert New Member

    this is Dubai

    hello everyone,

    I have been to a few of these "super launches", the last besides badrah was teema at asmaran.
    teema phase 1 was a nightmare. People were literally there all night. And by the time we got our number, all was long sold out.
    But they called us back in, gave those who had registered and not bought a new number

    Badrah tried something like that. They made apointments. They failed to deliver, whereas at teema almost all those of us who had been reinvited got a property.

    I understand that nakheel's confirmation was not a guarantee of purchase. But when u get a confirmation you should at least get a GOOD chance of buying. Yet it seems that MOST people left empty handed.

    One last thought: maybe they should announce the odds? I know that when I got my re-invite to teema, they clearly said there would be 400 people with 2 to 1 odds of getting a property, which means about 200 units. It just so happens that they released some more on the day of the launch and almost everyone got something (I was one of the last) if anyone was there, you know what I'm talking about :)

    Anyway, it seems to me like some developers try a tiny bit harder than others to satisfy their clientele.

    So good luck to everyone for whatever launch is next!
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