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Family vacation home, Where? How much?

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by sconie, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. sconie

    sconie New Member

    Hi everyone, I have been considering an overseas holiday home for the family for some time, I have looked at Florida, Cyprus even Bulgaria, but for value turkey stands out, I have had holidays in Kusadasi before, but have seen some good deals for Altinkum in the press.

    Where would members sudjest I should look for a clean modern holiday home that's near year round amenities and close..ish to the beach.

    I see some nice 2 bed apartments for under £25k, is that the best value or is there resales out there that offer more for the money ?

    It will be a cash buy so no need of mortgages, no need for rental income either, friends & family only, built, to plan or resale considered (as long as deeds are in order)

    Thanks, nice forum by the way.
  2. Graymax

    Graymax New Member

    holiday home

    Hi Sconie, yes you can find 2 bed apartments for around 25k in Altinkum, but you will probably find they are a fair way out of the main beach/tourist area, and that usually entails a long hot uphill walk to get back after your day at the beach, either that or catch the dolmus, and ride back.These 2 bed apartments are usually quite small, and resales often give better value for money as they are normally sold fully furnished, and can often be much larger, I am not talking about older properties,but 3-4 years old, that have not been rented out,and have just been used by the owner, are sometimes in better order than new builds.Unfortunately I cannot pm you as you have not got enough posts on the forum, but if you put your email address up, I will email you and give you as much info as I can.PS I am not an agent, just someone who owns a property in Altinkum, and who went through the same shall I shan,t I thing as you. Graham.
  3. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Sconie .. you currently cannot buy in Turkiye ..leave your £25k in your pocket,untill the new laws are published ..;)
  4. sconie

    sconie New Member

    Thanks for the replies, email me on sconieroany(at)yahoo)(dot)co(dot)uk with any info, my cah is staying in my pocket until the law gets sorted out, though I hope that's within a few months, resale does seem the way to go in my case, a secure family friendly area close to the shops/beach with a pool ticks allmy boxes, so I will research (with forum help) get advice on a good solicitor/bank and move when the right deal comes up.

    many thanks.
  5. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    When you are ready to buy, please make sure the property aready as a Tapu aready in place, I heard some have waited 3 years,and are still waiting,

    Check out this article;)

    Side effects of an undelivered tapu ..

    Side effects of an undelivered tapu
  6. cathgill

    cathgill New Member

    We have a three bed penthouse in Altinkum (Didm area) near Apollan Temple. Altkinkum is not quite so "westernised" at Kusadasi but the people are much friendlier and it has more of a community feel. We also have an apartment in Lanzarote and members of my family have stayed at both. They much prefer Turkey because of the laid-back approach by the Turkish people and their friendliness. No "hassling" in Altinkum. I'd say £25k is "too good to be true". We bought from a British developer with whom we have regular contact - his PA e-mails replies by return - very good service. Our complex is fully gated with every facility you could want - even a courtesy bus five times per day to the centre of town (5 mins drive by car). Any developments we looked at in town were squashed together with very little privacy and workmanship wasn't great. Just be careful - £25k sound much too cheap. Remember, you'll want to sell it on at some stage and you need to make sure that your apartment will appeal to another buyer. If you're holding onto it for at least 5 years, hopefully it will have grown in value BUT this will depend on whether or not the "end-user" likes your location, aspect, complex amenities etc. I've also seen so many apartment blocks with tiny plunge-pools as the main swimming pool. We are lucky in that our complex, Phase 1, has the largest private pool in Altinkum. When Phase 3 is ready, the pool will be twice the size of Phase 1, with a waterfall in the middle etc. It really has great potential and when Apollan Temple is developed significantly as a major tourist attraction in the next 3 years, the entire area is going to see a massive price hike. Remember, Turkey has so much developing going on, that you really do need to consider every single option available, and ensure that someone else will want to pay hard-earned cash for your apartment in 5, 7, 10 years time. If I can help further, please get in touch.
  7. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Are you really having a laugh..The police in Altinkum have recently closed 12 bars for Hassling ,??

    I have lived in Kusadasi for a very long time, come to Kusadasi for a visit..I will show you how friendly I can be,:rolleyes:

    We are lucky in kusadasi we have roads [​IMG]
  8. cathgill

    cathgill New Member

    I have lived in Kusadasi for a very long time, come to Kusadasi for a visit,I will show you just how friendly I can be,

    No thanks
  9. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    cathgill why are you to westernised ..:rolleyes:

    İf you want to have a debate about Tourism in Turkiye..( that is the right way to spell Turkiye.) bring it on, İnstead of trying to sell a British developer's property ..?

    If I can help further, please get in touch. :D

  10. cathgill

    cathgill New Member

  11. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Loooks like we have a Altinkum Bar Boy Hassling for trade :rolleyes:.

    Can someone show them how to use the forum please, :D
  12. sconie

    sconie New Member

    Don't get into a fight about it please, I know the complex he is on about and to be fair there is a lot of good feedback on it, however it is very early days for me yet and I am still taking all the advice I can get, I will continue to research for some months yet and when I do come to buy, all of your comments will be on my mind.

    Many thanks to all.
  13. Graymax

    Graymax New Member


    Why do you have to turn this into a contest between Altinkum and Kusadasi? both places have good and bad points, and it,s down to personal preference, you accuse someone of being a bar boy hassling for trade, it is the same as you a developer hassling for trade on this forum, Sconie came on this forum for advice, not to see childish " My town is better than your town" nonsense, grow up.
  14. cathgill

    cathgill New Member

    Thanks Graymax - I was only trying to help Sconie. I'm not trying to sell anything. I purchased in Altinkum because I felt the entry level cost was reasonably low and the area had a lot of potential. Anyone who asks me about property in Turkey, I give information about where I purchased. If they are interested, I simply pass on their details to the developer - I have no connections with this developer, other than the fact that I purchased a property from him and the service he has given me has been extremely good. Infact, when we visited to inspect the property I told him that I'd been considering a few others in Turkey. He told me to go with my gut instinct and not to invest any money at all if I wasn't able to tick 8 out of 10 boxes in my wishlist. When I enquired about the golf course planned for Altinkum, he said "don't buy in Altinkum thinking that there will definitely be a golf course. It has been talked about, but many things in Altinkum are talked about and never happen" (words to this effect - not verbatim). No pressure at all - in fact he let me view his property and then left me for a few days to make up my own mind. I had to contact him when I'd made a decision. I've no intention of giving advice on where's the best place to buy - in any country - each individual has to make up his own mind. What I can say is that I trust my developer and I believe in him - and that's very important when anyone is putting their hard-earned cash into a property abroad. Good luck Sconie - whatever you decide.
    I'm now making another investment purchase - this time I'm not focusing on the holiday-maker as an end user. My thoughts are Berlin or Romania - both have very good potential (I believe) but will not come to fruition for 10 years and 5 years respectively. Rentals returns are good, rental management companies are in place and foreign investment into both areas is growing all the time. Economies are stable, demand is out-stripping supply and the governments are financially mature. I've been reading reports from The Economist, Money Week, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Global Property Guide etc to help me make up my mind. A lot of information to absorb but I think it will be worth it in the end.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
  15. Graymax

    Graymax New Member

    buying abroad

    Hi Cath, I too have bought somewhere other than Altinkum, I am having a villa built in Northeast Brazil, but not for investment, but to retire there in 2009, so good luck with your purchase, I hope you get as good a deal as I did, but all the same things apply ie Brazil is a place for 3 to 5 years time when the infrstructure will be improved, and property prices (which are already growing at a fair pace) will really start to take off.Regards Graham.
  16. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Graymax Excuse me, I Never posted the the below.?

    Sconie came on this forum for advice,?? not to see childish "? He said the bar boys dont hassle,I disagreed,

    POLICE have turned up the heat on hasslers in Altinkum with the closure of 10 bars and restaurants along the sea front promenade for a maximum of FIVE days.Squads of officers, along with Zabita police, closed down one on Sunday, five yesterday and four today after undercover officers filmed bar staff hassling tourists.

    Many things in Altinkum are talked about and never happen.?:rolleyes:

    An English woman claimed to have been stabbed by a mugger,later said it was her 64 year old English partner,Both have been arrested, one for wounding and one for misleading the police.the couple were released pending trial.

    Two Brits were taken under custody for putting false money into circulation.they were caught red handed while shopping with false money, both later released pending trial.

    All in the press the last month ,

    Graymax I am not a developer nor do I hassle for trade on this forum, I have been a member since day one, please get your facts correct,
  17. Graymax

    Graymax New Member

    straight facts

    check the quote I posted, it was about barboys hassling tourists, not about anywhere being more westernised, also did I say you were a developer, I thought I said you were an agent!, and what has the fact that you have been a member since day one got to do with anything? people have their own opinions on which resort they like the best, and if I have offended your sensitive nature, TSB.
  18. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    I think you did ..please get your facts correct,

    Are you sure you are not a childish bar boy hassling for trade, ??
  19. Graymax

    Graymax New Member

  20. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Graymax I sent you a nice polite pm .. and you reply like that .:confused:

    I think its you who needs to grow up ..:D
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