Expat Life in Malta

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Hi everyone,
I am doing research for an article on Expat life in Malta and I am looking for stories from expats who moved there more than 5 years ago. Has your experience been positive or negative? Do you regret moving there or was it the best thing you ever did? Have you seen changes over the years you have been there, if so for the better or worse? Are expats treated unfavorably over the locals in terms of service, taxation, health care etc.

Is Malta over crowded with expats now or does the large number of expats make living easier?

Any comments and help greatly appreciated.

Ann Jenkins

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I am en expats daughter. My father has been here for the past fifty years and all I can say is that when he had the opportunity to go back to the U.K. he strongly declined. He loves the island and says that this is his home. Reason being.......although he is not Maltese he has always been treated right, respected and in fact would not dream of being anywhere else. He has since become a Maltese citizen, but I know many other expats who married Maltese or just relocated to Malta and those with businesses in particular have better tax incentives than the Maltese and there is a double taxation agreement which means that one does not get taxed twice. Healthcare at the hospital is free for the British and this includes the Healthcentres around the island. The island is safe and all are English speaking. The island is small and beaches. shops, nightlife etc are within easy reach. The weather is mild and outdoor activities year round are the norm. The great thing is that especially in Summer, one could spend a day at work and still be able to have a swim (minutes away) or enjoy the evening outdoors. Not bad at all, I would think. If you need more information, please let me know.
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