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Excellent Investment Opportunity

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by Tim10, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Tim10

    Tim10 New Member

    :)I would like to share with my fellow forum buddies the best deal I have made in North Cyprus. I have just bought two units at Blossom Properties "Blossom Kyrenia" complex that offer a 10%, four-year return on investment.

    The project is in a central location and is being constructed by a European firm. I am thrilled!!!

    All other investment properties that I found in North Cyprus were in areas that could be rented only during the tourist season and offered only 5% for two years. This is indeed the best investment opportunity in North Cyprus.

    This is one project worth checking out!!!
  2. Tim10

    Tim10 New Member

    Hello Cleopatra,

    Actually there is no problem with properties in North Cyprus. Former Greek owners in the North have been given land once owned by Turks in the South. Thus, a fair exchange has been made. However, former Turkish landowners in the South have received no compensation. This makes owning land in the South much more dangerous from a legal point of view.

    However the fault is in your questions -- if you will allow me. No one, except for the Greeks demand full Turkish withdrawel from the North. In the end Cyprus will see a two-state solution or Turkish self-rule in the North. No one expects the Turks in the North to allow themselves to be ruled by the Greeks. This is especially true since the Turkish Army took up positions in the North as a result of the blood bath against Turkish Cypriots during the Greek military coup of 1974. Both the U.S. and Europe's powerhouses have poured billions into the TRNC (Turkish Republic of North Cyprus) is terms of airports, industries, banks, universities, etc.... The Greeks may want to rule all of Cyprus -- but the Turks will not go for it and no one else is demanding it. In fact, the pressure has turned on the Greeks to compromise.
  3. Tim10

    Tim10 New Member



    I read your message, but I am not interested in buying in Turkey, if you can help me in North Cyprus -- this indeed might be useful.
  4. ted_007

    ted_007 New Member

    I think, what she was pointing at - is main Cyprus, not occupied teritory.
    I also support her point of view.
    Occupied is occupied.
    Can't benefit much from a disaster people exprienced.
    Been there myself when borders opened.
    Cypriots are persistant, they will get their lands back.
    Bought in main Cyprus, but the rental potential is very low.
    sold after holding 2 years wasn't worth it.

    Good luck with that one.

  5. Tim10

    Tim10 New Member

    North Cyprus will never be returned to the Greeks totally, just like Texas and Colorado will never be returned to Mexico.

    Terms like "occupied" or "reunited" are political terms and they mean nothing when reality checks are done.

    I plan to continue investing there...any Greek that thinks that the Turks are going to leave should have a serious reality check as the international world is putting pressure on the Greeks instead of the Turks to solve the dispute. Even companies like Nike and Coca Cola have become heavily invested in North Cyprus.
  6. ted_007

    ted_007 New Member

    are you by any chance turkish, tim?
    They are Cypriots, boy :))))))))
    Greeks live in Greece

  7. Tim10

    Tim10 New Member

    Maybe you did not understand -- Cyprus is divided along ethnic grounds -- Greek and Turkish. Both North and South Cyprus have patron countries. Greece in the South and Turkey in the North.

    And for the record -- I am neither Turkish or Greek
  8. ted_007

    ted_007 New Member

    you are strange :)))))))))))))))))
    There are no any patron countries
    Republic of Cyprus is very friendly with Greece, speaks their language.
    so WHAT?

    The north was occupied by Turkey some 30 years ago.
    you call it patron country?
    My ex-girlfriends uncle and 3 cousins are still missing. Good patronage.

    that is you who does not understant, i c

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