Evening Standard - Premiership footballers investing in Saidia Morocco

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PAGES 4 & 5

The article announces players including John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville have invested in property.

Im chuffed as this is the same development I have invested in! Its called LeJardinDeFleur and its within the gigantic Med Saidia complex being built.

The key reason is the 'Le Village De Sport' complex which Im told will outshine all others. Iguess the footballers wives will also enjoy the 500 designer shop outlets and restaurants plus the Meds largest marina.

Some are describing the place as 'AN UP - MARKET GIAGANTIC CENTREPARCS WITH SUN'.
I think this will give me rental almost year round - remember there is no competition as there is a 15 year further building ban.

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I'm told if you travel 4 or 5 miles West along the coastal road you'll see other tourist developments being built. If true, its surprising we don't hear anything about it on the forums or see any property advertised on the net.

I don't see this as a bad thing, as coastal strip beyond the land that is protected was always likely to be developed to cash in on proximity of Saidia and the budget airlines to Oujda. There is also a need for housing to accomodate the work force at Saidia. The protected land / 15 year ban on building puts a nice buffer between Plan Azzure resort and other smaller developments.
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