Eurozone economic growth has flatlined at 0%!



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On the night the UK leaves the EU isnt it ironic that the Bank of England refused to reduce base rates because the economy is performing better while the Eurozone economy has flatlined at 0% growth!

Time will tell but the EU looks like a sinking ship?


You might also have seen that the OECD believes the UK economy will be stronger than the EU over the next few years - this after the OECD earlier suggested that the UK economy would tank after Brexit. If there is one more withdrawl from the EU I think it could well collapse. A lot of members are not happy about the way the UK has been treated and the impact on their economies. There is trouble brewing :)


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Whatever happens, negotiations with the European Union are going to get nasty! I have read quite a few articles about the ongoing negotiations and one comment springs to mind. The UK could potentially be a huge competitor to the European Union so why would they throw the UK a bone and agree to a free-trade arrangement?