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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by lyndsay552, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. lyndsay552

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    Just thought I'd bring up the subject of sim cards.

    We bought an Egyptian Vodafone sim card and it cost 100le plus topped it up with a 50le card. We used it a lot all week (my mum was in a different hotel) but we also used it to phone the uk a couple of times for about 10 mins at a time.

    Definately worth getting and holding on to for each time you go over. I think there is a 'tourist' sim card but it will only last for a few months.

    Just make sure your uk phone is not sim locked and then you can just put in the Egyptian sim card and you're ready to go.

  2. chris lister

    chris lister New Member


    Yeah we got a Vodafone one when we was out last year in Sharm, they even set it up into english so when you call customer services/balance etc. you get English voice's.

    How do you post pics on here? Says i have to do more than 20 posts?
  3. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

    How do you get it set up in English?? We have no idea how much credit we have left, just kept talking!!

    You need to be an 'active member' before you can post photo's.

    Only 4 more posts to go lol

  4. chris lister

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    Lol, Been upgraded now! So can post some on.

    The local guy at the shop where we bought the sim from did it for us, obviously arabic instructions when he called. When your out there ask Mohammed or Mido at Iraida, i would expect like many Egyptians they will be more than willing to help
  5. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

    I will do. The guy we bought the cards of was very helpful but I guess he wanted us to go back to him if we had a problem.

    Looking forward to your photos

  6. queenie40something

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    Hi you are now able to post pics.

    If you go into a post and at the bottom you will see a box ' additional options ' click on manage attachments and you can then upload your pics into your post.


  7. not_terry

    not_terry New Member

    Mobile phones

    How about mobile phones - can u get them out their easily and cheaply
  8. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Kerry you can buy them out there but beware there are currently new fake ones from China - seem fine to begin with but then after a month they dont work. You can buy 2nd hand ones quite cheaply.
    The vodafone shop is at Radio Shack 8 Mall Naema Bay , Sharm El sheikh
    Phone: (069)3601152
    See Vodafone Shop
    This will give you their price plans etc.
  9. scooby21

    scooby21 New Member

    hi all we have sim cards for think it might be for elsalat and similar to UK pay as go cards we have to make or recieve call once every 3 months or the sim card will expire just be sure thats not the same for the vodafone cards
  10. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

  11. vix

    vix New Member


    This must be the same as in Dubai then, you have to present your passport and they photo copy and fill in two forms, in triplicate!!. If you dont have the right visa, you can only get a visitors sim.
  12. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Wow what a pain in the backside - but at the end of the day if is for security issues then Im all for it.
    So Vix for say holidaymakers they would go to Vodafone with an unlocked phone and ask for a visitors sim card??
  13. vix

    vix New Member

    In Dubai, we have booths, as well as phone shops, you give them your phone and they will try various phone cards, as even if the phones unlocked, they dont always accept the card. Once hes found a card that works, its fitted for you and set up. The sims are in security bags so can not be tampered with. Having said this, Vodafone are the easiest, both in Dubai and Jordan. And yes it is for security, You even have to sign at the side of your passport number to say its your mobile number. My number was disconnected for no apparent reason, exept' security issues'
  14. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Thanks Vix for the information - all these little things we find out help.

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