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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by nubianqueen, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    Ha? queenie and salamalekum:)

    just found out how to start a new thread is that o.k. like being at school putting up my hands just to check something out!!!:D

    well, it is my priviledge and a challenge to have an egyptian teacher who is teaching me egyptian arabic, but also i am being taught the higher class arabic, as well as the slang so i often have two words for one meaning help!

    i am suppose to be doing my 1-20 numbers now, but guess what here i am, i have the teacher, i have the books, i have the c.d.s but help me, it seems to be going in one ear and out the other!

    what do others think about learning arabic i realise some on the forum speak it? a lot? a little? dont want to learn?

    and yet i see many of the queries on the forum would be easier if you can speak the language, saad my teacher tells me a lot about arab culture, egyptian culture and it all helps, won't take you for a fool if you get a taxi and know a few words dont you think???

    anyway i go now to learn some more inshalla in the hope that i will take book, pad and pen with me when i go to my apartment, why cant i get it!!:eek::eek::confused:

  2. GM43

    GM43 Banned

    I'm living in Egypt for almost ten years, but do not have much contact with Egyptians, or they speak English. So I am not learning much. I go to the market and buy fruit and so on, I know all the names, and I also do know the numbers. I'll try to speak Arabic, but I have a big problem with the tenses!
    Two days ago I learned a new word: mamnouH (forbidden), because I was driving in a street which was recently changed to one-way street, and I wanted to tell the other drivers that they were wrong, so my children taught me this word.
  3. CMChris

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    I'll be starting Arabic classes in the New Year which is going to be fun. I think that if you live,work or own property in another country then it is only courteous to that country and its people to 'attempt' to learn some of the language. My father lives in Spain but southern Spain where the dialect is like a Londoner talking to a Glaswegian, so he talks in proper Spanish then has to understand the dialect. He is still going to his weekly Spanish class after 20 odd years living there, (he's a perfectionist) and my girls are reasonably fluent in Spanish and tend to beat him in a convo with any Spanish people mucu to his disdain! lol
  4. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    asalamalekum to you great you are going to classes in the new year! i was thinking that each week i am going to put some words on this site. still learning and as your father has found! its a lifes work but i agree with what you said. keep in touch.


  5. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    asalamalekum to you perhaps it is the best that your children "teach" you i would not mind going to school with them! i am thinking about putting words up each week, do you want to do the same?


  6. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    1 - 10 in arabic!

    heres some numbers:D

    1 wahed
    2 atneen
    3 teleta
    4 arbah
    5 hamza
    6 setta
    7 sabah
    8 temania
    9 tesaha
    10 ashara :confused:got it

    handy when getting a taxi from the airport, they think hmmm this person knows arabic i better be careful what i charge (like some taxi drivers all over the world).


  7. annethedonn

    annethedonn New Member

    I studied Arabic for about a year and my husband is Egyptian so I've picked up quite a bit. I would recommend it. I found it quite easy actually. Would anyone know of any decent Arabic courses in the South as finding it hard to find one to get to the next level! Or any tutors?

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