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Egypt offers worlds highest rental returns!

Discussion in 'Africa Property' started by distant dreamer, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member

    Hi everyone

    Just read that online property research house The Global Property Guide, ranks Egypt as offering the best residential rental returns! Thats good news for us all!:)
  2. Watson

    Watson New Member

    Hi thats really good news have you the web link?
  3. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

    Is there anyone who has actually rented out their property, who could maybe give us some accurate figures?
  4. propertyborders

    propertyborders New Member

    He you go Watson Global Property Guide

    Its also worth noting Distant dreamer that the best rental retuns pointed out in the guide are for Cairo not the Red Sea.

    I think for now the Red Sea is best for capital growth.
  5. Aegean

    Aegean New Member

    Be nice to see who has and for what occupancy - as sometimes these guides push locations
  6. Aegean

    Aegean New Member

    Same story really - big cities always rent out and also in many you get gtreat capital growth - Just look at Istanbul seen great returns as well as getting good rentals.
  7. Watson

    Watson New Member

    Thanks just read it. They do not like Hurghada said its seedy lol
    Knew there was a reason i bought 2 places there:)
  8. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member

    Must admit I didn't go to the link, just read the article which listed the top places to rent in a sort of picture list. It was in the OPP magazine. Still guess quite a few people will just pick up the heading which stated Worlds Highest Rental Returns. In fact as mentioned on my posting under media, the magazine featured a lot about Egypt this month, so all looking positive!
  9. dunkan

    dunkan New Member

    An agent i was dealing with gave me a figure of 97% occupancy in the Red sea area !!

    This after several emails has moved to 25% occupancy and £100 per week in the low season, which in my opinion is pretty poor for a 2 bed 2 bath in Regency beach.

    So in a nutshell i'll get 3 months rent £1200,,, out of which £800 will go for maintainance and also an uknown as yet figure for the management of my apartment.

    If i double there occupancy to 50% its still not great and my £70,000 GBP would earn more sat in my high interest account, ofcourse the capital gain must be taken into consideration but thats only when youre looking at selling.

    I have shops here in the UK returning me much more, and 100% occupancy.

    At the end of the day with a developing area nobody can say for sure what you'll get.
    Just because theres loverly new apartment blocks etc etc doesnt mean you'll get it rented, just look at several other countries that are and have had the same developement in them, too many apartments empty as theres just not enough tourists to go round, its simply down to supply and demand.

  10. Aegean

    Aegean New Member

    Think you have hit the nail on the head "Tourists" - Invest where you can get good occupancy and long term rents. Major Cities are where the action is as they give great capity growth also.
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