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Discussion in 'Singapore property' started by dasimond, Aug 12, 2016.

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    More than 10 years ago, western part of Singapore is largely ignored. People will try not to buy any property there as the local call it 'wulu' meaning inconvenient. At that time, government is setting up a regional hub in that area, call Changi Business Hub. Everybody goes there.

    Today, government is transforming the western part into 2nd CBD, before people goes there, the price already inched up a lot.
    The busiest port will move to the west, hotel also setting up in the west, 2nd largest park also in the west, high speed rail terminus also in the west.

    So tell me, where should we move to now? East or west?
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    West you may say, but if you read into government master plan, and if you look much further into the future. slightly east will create more capital appreciation, as this area is like an unpolished diamond, once polish, it will shine brightly like how a diamond should.

    You can check on government masterplan online. You can only see it as a map or a plan, but you need a sharp eye to analyse their movement to make a right choice.

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