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Dubai :Useful info for investors

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by propertyinvest, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. propertyinvest

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    If you was thinking about investing in dubai ,here is some information i found useful .
    Supply and demand

    Infact, Middle East Economic Digest in a recent report (Khaleej Times, published on August 14, 2005) says that supply of houses in Dubai is CRITICALLY LOW and the number of flats needed by 2010 will hit 320,000. This means 54,000 flats must be built each year. We are well behind this!

    As well, the government is releasing very limited land for development. This has a major implication on the real estate market.

    Dubai is currently sitting on a huge budget surplus. Additional federal revenues from premium oil prices allow the UAE government to limit the sale of land. Its focus is clearly not to ‘add to already good revenues’ by sale of more land, but in building investors confidence in current projects and improving infrastructure

    Also keep in mind that the population of UAE is growing enormously. 40 to 50 companies register with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce every day!
    Just a few months back a population of 3.5 million has swollen to 4.6 million in no time. All these people need homes to live & offices to run their business

    (a) The quality of life: An environment that ENCOURAGES you to stay fit and healthy….where you wake up to a morning cup of tea and watch youngsters jogging outside your property. As well, the pride and prestige- being next door to David Lloyd tennis academy and Butch Harmon Golf Academy, Manchester United Academy etc!

    (b) Uniqueness: It is the only sporting city in the world. Potential venue to the 2014 Asian games and the 2016 Olympics. Being the sporting activity hub of the world and with sporting events all year round the area is already attracting significant investments.

    (c) Demand supply: Dubai Sports City is planned for decongestion. There are no high rise towers (save for one office tower and one hotel tower). Most residential buildings are 10-12 storys only. Total number of residential apartments= 22,000 approx Vs 70 to 80,000 professionals who would be working in Dubai Sports City. Add to this an unique 1.5 million sq ft Sports Mall, over 7 international schools, spa’s, 14 sports academies…rents will naturally be at a premium. There is limited s**** & Sports city will thankfully, never be overbuilt!

    (d) Real Estate appreciation: Residences that are surrounded by Golf courses generally sell at a premium. Add to this the branding of the biggest academies, 70% open areas composed of landscaped gardens, golf courses, jogging tracks and lush green open s****s and a robust theme that ‘ties this all together’. In our professional experience such properties appreciate 2-3 times faster than the market.

    (e) Timing: Dubai Sports City is currently ‘very under-valued’. Not many investors are aware- just yet. With media publicity and promotion of academies world class academies & a forma Olympic bid real estate in this city could transform like East London

    With financing , there isn’t really a mortgage market , still very young. So what developers offer is finance but this has to be paid over the build which fine but if your capital is not to large this is very difficult, Dubai has a label of only investors with deep pockets invest here, so that is a good sign as it shows you that people who do this for a living are pumping everything into dubai.

    Now you don’t have to have so much capital to buy into dubai, the company I use are a big oufit they have 28yrs of experience and have sold over 28,000 units worldwide. They offer just 10% deposits with 90% finance over 5yrs ,so you only have a small outlay and fund it for 2 yrs then go over your options again in 2 yrs time, rent , resell etc. To gain this finance all that is needed is proof of passport and 10% deposit, I know is that it, but it is so straight forward and hassle free .Also remember it is all tax free.

    I have purchased 3 apartments here , has anyone invested here.

    Dubai - Dubai Sports City - Champions Tower III offplan property
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    How's your investment in The Champions III doing?

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