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dubai real estate investment

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by sihameel, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. sihameel

    sihameel New Member

    Hi all
    my name is Siham i'm Tunisian, i'm here to tell you about Dubai, and if you need any help i'm here for that, The fastest-growing city on earth, Dubai, it could become the most important place on the planet? Adam Nicolson reports from 'Mushroom City'
    With enormous construction and development in various industries, Dubai has attracted world-wide attention through innovative real estate projects, sports events, conferences and Guinness records.
    Are you ready to buy freehold property in Dubai?
    i am ready to assist you to get positive
    results in your investments.
    :) any questions am ready
  2. ozhef

    ozhef New Member

  3. yousuf

    yousuf New Member

    hi Ozhef,

    its depends on location,developers, you can find various area in dubai, if you are looking for ready to move in apartment it will cost you little expensive then upcoming project, for an example in dubai marina it will cost you like AED 1,500,000/- on words upto AED 2,500,000/- depends on area, view and developers, In Jumeirah Lake Towers it will cost you AED 1,300,000/- onwards up to AED 1,800,000?- again depends an area, view and developers so if you need any further information kindly mail me at [email protected]
  4. sihameel

    sihameel New Member


    hi all
    the cheaper place now in dubai freehold is Jumeirah village, it's 600/sqft
    we dont forget also the ajman project it's only 20mn to dubai airport and direct on emirates road, and the prices are toooooo much cheaper
    [email protected]
  5. abdul_karim1980

    abdul_karim1980 New Member

    Hi all,
    Is there a way to find out that which housing project is actually approved by development authorities? I want to know about a project in Ajman. Please tell me links to official web sites or phone numbers in this regards.

  6. showbiz

    showbiz New Member

    hi can anyone post pics of dubai sports city n here???
  7. mpat

    mpat New Member

    For pictures of Dubai Sports city, check another forum page called "Sports city anyone?" . I posted some pics there
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  8. usmansaeed

    usmansaeed New Member

    i would like to add some info about Dubai land,There are too many global economic uncertainties that could negatively affect the property market in Dubai in 2007 for us to categorically state that an investor would be mad to miss the ever increasing property prices and rental yields in the UAE.

    While there remains an incredibly strong driving demand for property in Dubai, a downward turn in the US economy, a drop in demand for oil or a supply to the market of excessive property stock for example could each put to an end the record rates of growth enjoyed by real estate investors in Dubai in the past few years and Dubai property could well be facing a tough 2007.
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