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Dubai Propety Brokers?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by le205, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. le205

    le205 New Member

    Hi there

    I am looking for a great Dubai property broker online.

    So far my favourite is Casa Dubai. They have lots of great developments. Can anyone tell me if they have experience using Casa Dubai or any others?
  2. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Try for one of the following
    betterhomes(Dubai Property Real Estate – Rent, buy or Sale Property in Dubai, Apartment and Villa with Better Homes. Manage or Invest in Dubai Property with us.)

    There are many more professional agents online.but be careful with all of them including casa dubai.when things go right , they sound to be great but the real taste is when there is some complications.
    best luck to you.
  3. PropertyGuru

    PropertyGuru New Member

    I'm still not convinced by online agents, I reccomend direct contact with Agents.

    I know of a very reliable Agent in Dubai who are British by Origin and Professional, Let me know if you want their details.

    I myself independantly study the market as a hobby and therefore I am not an Agent, but I live in Dubai and am fully aware of the Agent sharks and jokers in this Market.

    Let me know also of the type of properties you are looking for I can give you my opinion ?

  4. mpat

    mpat New Member

    I am not an agent also .I do study the market and invested as well.In the process of investing I personally dealt with Gowealthy , safahomes and profile.They are professional and knowledgeable.The best thing is to go direct to the developer.
  5. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Keep searching online and when you feel confident about everything , go for personal visit or direct to developer.There are many guys who help just to avoid people falling in agent sharq or roadsiders.
  6. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    If you decide to go directly through developers as advised by others, I work for DAMAC [The largest private developer in the Middle East], and I'll be happy to assist you.
    Since you mentioned online, we have won the latest Bentley and CNBC Arabia award for best developers' website in 2007. Also, It's Sunday at 3:55 am where I am [London][which is considered as Saturday night for most pple] and I'm replying to your thread. I hope this feeds you in with enough confidence about our work ethics and online reliability.


  7. oleary7997

    oleary7997 New Member

    I am looking for a great Dubai property broker online.

    I work for Safa Homes and am proud that i found this link on here!

    We do give a great service to our clients and work really hard in helping our investors out.

    Our statement...
    Safa Homes Real Estate offers complete customer care, focusing entirely on providing clients a truly professional service from start to finish. Our multi-lingual team of experienced consultants deliver authoritative, independent and comprehensive real estate advice to an International client base. We are respected as an industry leader with an exclusive focus on Dubai`s premier projects from trusted developers.
    I look forward to receiving your further instructions and to being of assistance to you in securing a suitable property

    Thank you for thinking of us. :)
  8. TommyC

    TommyC New Member

    Give us a break, why dig up a over one year old thread? We do understand that sales are ZERO and commission is gone, but please....

    Truly proffesional service as in: "We will do our very best to make you buy whatever we can! Without a second of hesitation we can guarantee lieing, telling fairytale stories and tricking you in every possible way. We can guarantee a 100% broker experience with everything that comes with it." And also, nice to see ANOTHER industry what? Telling stories or fooling the most people? When commission gets into the equation all logic and this b******* goes out the door: "Our multi-lingual team of experienced consultants deliver authoritative, independent and comprehensive real estate advice to an International client base."
  9. geraldcroteau

    geraldcroteau New Member

    Going direct to the developer

    This is not correct. The developers will charge you at least 25-50% more for the very same property that is available on the secondary market. Additionally, the developers' quality is a mixed bag (like everything in life). However, when the developers charge you that much more, you cannot justify not talking to a trusted property broker / agent that you trust. The ideal agent is someone that is independent and is going to know what they are talking about, have references, leave a trail (not fly by night, stake his/her reputation long-term on the line), and do all the things business people do to build trust.

    if you want more info on the subject take a look at something I wrote here in a newsletter I publish for my clients
    community DOT icontact DOT com/p/geraldcroteau/newsletters/suntower704/posts/primary-versus-secondary-market-which-one

    Disclosure: I am a property broker in the UAE

    Gerald Croteau
  10. geraldcroteau

    geraldcroteau New Member

    I should probably elaborate a little more.

    The developer often sells a little bit of the project at a time. Current owners are allowed to resell and these resales are the "secondary" market. Because the market is rising so quickly, the units in the secondary market were sold at a lower original price then the current market price. However, you pay any appreciation up front, and you first have to pay off what has already been paid to the developer, so there is more cash up front if you are not using a mortgage (which is how most properties here are purchased).

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